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  1. If we are going to talk about golden days... can we also get marshal law back?
  2. How do you comp someone for a house they paid 3 mil for? What about the materials inside that house? I miss the glory days too but I still dont want to be the one who gets shit on just because I started off on a different server than you.
  3. RPG damage seems inconsistent now. I've seen it still destroy a strider with one shot. I've also seen an ifrit eat a rocket and keep rolling like a bug hit it's windshield. Can we remove the rockets and get the .50 Beowulf rounds for the 115 instead?
  4. DENIED. Hours/Bank too low.
  5. Looking for a S3 Warehouse near distillery. Lmk what you got.
  6. Welcome back. We're Asylums senior citizens.
  7. Anyone from Urban Cowboys or Drunk Squad still around?
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