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  1. Well hot dam. Feelsgoodman
  2. Glad to hear everything is going well with you buddy! I was sad to see you go.
  3. Did the Israeli army release you?!
  4. Smarty

    Happy Holidays

    I sold my computer my man. I might get back into it in 7-8 months. We’ll see
  5. Smarty

    Happy Holidays

    Just wanted to wish all you fine lads, and lasses a happy holidays. And a thank you to Clint and Bada for giving all the asylum players a great Christmas present.
  6. Can confirm, is actual trash. Garbage monster style.
  7. I’m alive and kicking
  8. Can confirm, he sends me snaps of him doing so.
  9. I loved risking it for the biscuit.
  10. Smarty


    Yea I do, you’re fucked. Might as well quit now. It’s what I did and I’m loving it.
  11. it loaded. Ye, I remember that lol. If i remember correctly I was gonna convince you guys to let me take em in. I think? or tea bag them, either option seems valid.
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