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  1. Well hot dam. Feelsgoodman
  2. Glad to hear everything is going well with you buddy! I was sad to see you go.
  3. Did the Israeli army release you?!
  4. Cuz your fat
  5. I sold my computer my man. I might get back into it in 7-8 months. We’ll see
  6. Just wanted to wish all you fine lads, and lasses a happy holidays. And a thank you to Clint and Bada for giving all the asylum players a great Christmas present.
  7. Can confirm, is actual trash. Garbage monster style.
  8. I’m alive and kicking
  9. Can confirm, he sends me snaps of him doing so.
  10. Fucked up Fridayyyyyy
  11. I loved risking it for the biscuit.
  12. Yea I do, you’re fucked. Might as well quit now. It’s what I did and I’m loving it.
  13. it loaded. Ye, I remember that lol. If i remember correctly I was gonna convince you guys to let me take em in. I think? or tea bag them, either option seems valid.
  14. it will load eventually.