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  1. Fucked up Friday?
  2. He's around
  3. Now the admins wont have anything to do now that @Norwegianviking is here. He will literally do EVERYTHING from the comps to bans lol.
  4. Lets see how long reapered lasts.
  5. Challenge accepted.
  6. Sounds like a legitimate chimpanzee.
  7. 1.3 in first 700k in 2nd
  8. ?
  9. Shes the cause of your internet issues demons see into the future and saw this exact msg. Shouldn't of taunted it man.
  10. The better gang is who ever will win. If gangs are underestimated o well it's their fault.
  11. Everything is negotiable. We're just trying to gage everyones opinion so that we can appease as many people as possible. That being said the 8v8 is trying to accommodate everyone whether is a smaller gang that can barely get that amount to the 15 or so NV has. Like the post says most definitely subject to change.