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  1. I thought we could only use that insult for the boy @Valerios
  2. It would have to happen first in order for there to be recording of it.
  3. Thank god its the last one.
  4. 10/10
  5. Gonna make it rain lasers again?
  6. Don't need translator just need a @Gaskal
  7. Classic
  8. I remember my first day on cadet week my constables took me off that same hill and nitro'd us all the way to Athira.
  9. Bio, 3/7 of us are more rebel than cop. I might have an LT tag but i have 3k hours of the span of 4 years, and 2.8/3k is rebel hours. Same can be said about Gaskal and Rouge, they are both experienced rebels.
  10. What do u mean mate, i'm clearly a career rebel with an LT tag. Plus rouge, itttttttttttttttttttttttts a stretch.
  11. Thanks for making me, what was the main component you used to structure my RNA.
  12. Clearly you never got to enjoy a 21 bar fed
  13. And here i thought you were gonna ask us on how to propose.