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  1. Did you say orca?
  2. Just shoot for the top:)
  3. No
  4. I used to love running into hq's as a bh, and stealing bounties. Taught me how to SERPENTINE.
  5. I think now its does he lag switch lol
  6. This is what support deals with in discord just about 24/7 then poking us just beacuse they're bored
  7. The truth hurts.
  8. Rap isn't music. It's people wasting our precious oxygen.
  9. That's a flash back to the past for me when you were FORCED to rp properly. Sharing I applaud you.
  10. Have you perhaps tried aiming? It typically improves performance by about %100
  11. Clearly a hacker. My first act if I get mod will be to 3rd party you. My montage is clearly better, and yours is inferior. Someone please hide this post. Not even worth a watch.
  12. My boy.
  13. Don't ever disrespect me like that again with a mass reply.
  14. I wish i had %10 of what you guys have lol.