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  1. we are currently looking at a live shot of Justi, via Bladeiown.
  2. tl:dr - not worth the read at all, in fact, i didnt even read it myself.
  3. full natty
  4. im always bulking
  5. WoW

    if you uninstall the game and cancel your sub they will give you free 110
  6. he said isnt shit
  7. all i hit is 1 taps kid eat my ass
  8. The conversation going on besides the cheating is so cringe too lmao, kid's deciding what table to sit at for lunch & who's cool and who's not.
  9. He was TROLLING he just has a really good mousepad. Idiots..
  10. New sheets and a comforter, parents know what I do when the clock strikes 1am.
  11. a guy eating or a female in the irl section
  12. i do i love you! <3
  13. 220k