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  1. wow ty theres no stream for this at all so I couldnt watch it live!
  2. Did I literally just watch a lottery montage? Couldn't you just post a single picture showing you won???????
  3. It's Halloween dude, not April Fools Day.
  4. "Jumped on! Gotcha boy!"
  5. Unfortunately he will/does have a bias, having little to no rebel experience and only APD experience. edit: If we TRULY want change, we need someone whos experienced in both and can offer an opinion that will benefit both sides.
  6. rewards for a dead server? also it'd be too easy every player is a bot
  7. dunno dont play, average is like 12k.
  8. the cheapest
  9. There's a difference between just saying no and insulting yourself, or your "alter-ego" should I say. I just think it's funny how you called yourself a faggot and talked about yourself in the third person then act like all you did was say "No, im not Colin Logan".
  10. Lmfao...You literally SWORE you weren't Colin Logan, called him a fag. Said you banned him in your discord, said he came in there all the time. You're completely trying to hide who you are, just admit it holy fuck.
  11. ???? This movie is the GOAT easily his best movie.. Also idk where you live but you actually have good shit to watch I feel like i've watched anything worth watching at this point. Mindhunter was really good though, enjoyed it, been waiting for a similar type of show to come out since "Making a Murderer". edit: Also I've been hearing a lot about like "The shanara chronicles" idk if I spelt that right, but can anyone tell me if its good? It's an MTV show so I doubt it..
  12. Well if you reply then its been posted.... Use your brain Bitch (IFRIT) See, im an asshole.
  13. Calm down bro she doesn't like you. Also I vote for myself. Or if we can change topic to biggest retard I vote for @Napp.
  14. I've known this kid was him for the longest time. He changed his name to Trippie Redd at first, and then SWORE he wasn't Colin Logan. Kid cant escape himself being a meme.