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  1. Finally a montage without rap Nice dude
  2. It won't help server performance.
  3. I told them it would happen.
  4. Now that is a very old name I do remember, Welcome back.
  5. best days I remember when he would load up 25 nades in the orca just for this.
  6. It seems decent players do exist now days.. Nice tage
  7. Maybe buff the other vehicles so they don't break off one chicken wire fence then we would drive those. I will agree they are small armored vehicles that do wonders, but it's not the only reason. I'm tired of tapping small fences and dying so easily.
  8. Sweet, more long grinding for scraps of money, then I can go fight against ghost. oh well
  9. congrats kevin clueless on the other 2
  10. I do the same, but you can always lower the volume of the clips themselves.
  11. Props for having the guts to post this, but please give some gun shots next time. they will help with flow, and If it has no flow then it's basically just raw clips tossed in with music. editing makes anything pop.
  12. peanut butter 2 my jelli

  13. I swear people cry about the smallest things now days
  14. I was linked and have arrived.