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  1. hello sir. ;)

  2. people still make these?
  3. Reminds me of all the kids that never get off arma
  4. Seen it coming
  5. When the hell did you start getting kills?! Good job Goyneyyy.
  6. The feels when I see more velocity group kills. Nice montage.
  7. Wubz.. Just stop. This is going no where.
  8. Didn't I tell you to stay banned?! Welcome back.
  9. Take care man! See you around.
  10. Not a bad idea. It would be two different spawns so it's not that bad, but please no courthouse.
  11. If you're suggesting 1km. That's terrible.. In a hatchsport it would take 1-2 minutes. At least 'Air-HQ' gives us that time to deal with less cops or choose another spawn. Also, donor town is pretty much for cartels. It gives the rebels a easier drive to Rebel, Arms Island, and OG Meth. Do you really see someone spawn there to go anywhere else? No. Cartels don't have a spawn to gear. I guess we should go without guns, and y menu. One more thing, please don't say "buy a house and fill it up". Not everyone has the money to afford a house, and stock it. About 90% of the houses are already bought. I'm not going to continue this any longer. I guess you have your opinions and we all have ours.
  12. The server is not about supporting only cops. Civilians need to enjoy the server as well. They need to have a semi safe spawn.. Otherwise we would get money hungry cops camping a small town. It literally puts you in one of the six buildings. Cops don't ever go there to grab a bounty and role-play. They only go there for high bounties. Usually the persons bounty is high enough where they don't want to role-play. I've encountered plenty of experiences where cops just want money, and hardly ever talk to you. Most of the times it's "APD" then 1-2 seconds and you're shot. We don't want to worry about people being dicks all the time to ruin our fun. You want to role-play? Go to a town and sit there. If you want to go and talk to people going to run or shoot you? Go to kavala. I'm honestly hoping this is a troll post. If not, then I'm sorry you can't see both sides.
  13. One reason cops all go to donor town is due to 'High Bounty Targets'. Don't tell me cops actually go there to patrol normally to talk with civs. -1 This will just increase cops playing for money. Cop is for the Role-Play.
  14. I enjoyed this. Well done Goyney.
  15. YOU HAD ONE JOB, and tapped sw3g.