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  1. http://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/forum/102-streamers/
  2. @Deazy Johnson why u no play league with me?
  3. Well I dont need the guidebook.. I usually ignore or lethal them xD sooo yea idc atm
  4. Well you SHOULD read it!! Tbh I didnt read it myself after I came back now I am just guessing or let others process..cba to do something when you dont get a reward for it. (Reading the Guidebook)
  5. If I would start downloading it now I would be 18hrs faster than you....
  6. LUL. Everyone who thinks he will get alot of RP here, please go to a different heavy RP server ty.
  7. who?
  8. Sure... you prolly just cant play him
  9. I am a zed main not a yasuo main bitch.
  10. Typical yasuo player.