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  1. Hes gone again
  2. 17 for apd Thanks for asking.
  3. Time to make an NA acc
  4. But I guess its NA right?
  5. Yeye I can do 1v5 ez cuz I have no friends
  6. u fool
  7. Lol thats retarded.. But didnt expect anything good from our devs. I wish ya Good luck.
  8. read plsssssssssssss Next time open your eyes, thanks.
  9. YES!!! Even tho I dont play it anymore
  10. I will come back when a new Patch arrives... So never. LuL
  11. thats not how you get it..
  12. Eptic you know I love you.
  13. Dont stay up late.. Otherwise your Mom is gonna pull the plug...
  14. Asylum and patches??? LuL
  15. EU > NA