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  1. Thats true paratus was active and actually good until he had plans for the failure that hes still "creating".
  2. But atleast they are communicating with us unlike "the greatest developer" Paratus or big G .
  3. Give them time, I'd (and I am pretty sure basically everyone) rather wait a couple more days to play on a stable server. And maybe soon we can driveTRACTORS around Altis.
  4. Is the week the week already over? Don't think so.
  5. HomeTrlx

    Prime Day

    Well I wasnt, duh..
  6. HomeTrlx

    Prime Day

    Alright STEVE I blame it on the ping, you noob.
  7. HomeTrlx

    Prime Day

    Yes thats a reasonable price... But ya know maybe imma grab an xbox or PS4 (not pro) for 180 who knows.
  8. HomeTrlx

    Prime Day

    imma wait for black friday to actually get myself a new pc.
  9. OKAY MIKE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Get out of here with your tacos.
  10. 10-69 @Clint Beastwood gimme a 10-101
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