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  1. Fair enough... I'll come to your house then. What else you have in your crates?
  2. Welcome to Asylum!!! I hope you enjoy the servers!! Yeah, stay out of Kavala, until you make a little bit of money.
  3. $5,500 ? Meet me at Air HQ, please have the rifle unloaded.
  4. Not mine... Maybe it's @Clint Beastwood ?
  5. Nice video man... Come ride with the Chief tonight. You'll get a front row seat to some action. We'll get you a better camera and a press vest.
  6. Good luck guys!! There was some good times on S4. We started in Athira, running diamonds with Peach Cartel. Rolling around in @Drunk Devin purple off-road, with our PDW's. I still own the original gang house, near the Athira drug dealer.
  7. Congrats @bamf !!! Well deserved!!! MAGA!!
  8. 1. How old are you? Pretty old 2. How well can you take off and land? I can take off and land well 3. How well is your general piloting? I can fly fixed wing jet aircraft. 7/10 4. How well can you work with a team? I can work well 5. Are you able to keep meet our requirements? Yes 6. What is your name/Call-sign? Subaru 7. How often can you be airborne? Probably 3-4 times a week, depends on my other asylum activities. I haven't even tried the Strife server yet. I'll give it a shot, I love to fly combat aircraft!
  9. Awkward......
  10. Congrats and welcome to the team!!!
  11. Looks like my HEMMT tires, after the cops shot the shit out of it....
  12. I'm glad you guys liked the Top Gun event!! People love to get loose and fly around the island late at night, when the servers are fairly empty. It was a pleasure to watch you guys fly and do aerobatic stunts above Altis! Cheers!
  13. Respawning All officers are allowed to soft log (leaving to the server lobby and rejoining) whenever they are allowed to respawn. Officers are allowed to respawn: To respond to a bank robbery, prison break or federal reserve robbery. To return to their assigned city after assisting in a bank robbery, prison break or federal reserve robbery. To return to their assigned city after assisting in a backup call. (You are not allowed to respawn to respond to a backup call from other officers. You must drive or fly there but may respawn back afterwards.) When needed if there are fewer than 6 officers online. In extreme cases where you are stranded. (Do not abuse this by intentionally destroying your vehicle. Play fair.) To redeploy after being given placement orders by a higher up (such as after a briefing.) If they are a Cadet and do not have a Constable or higher nearby to patrol with.