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  1. You don't want this toxic bastard in your group/gang... Trust me...
  2. Welcome!! It was fun playing cop with you earlier. Nice Malinois pup!! Rah!
  3. @TheCrestedPenguin Nathan's meme was way better than this low tier waste of bandwidth... Bring his back out of the Graveyard!
  4. Hey

    Welcome back Dos...
  5. Good to see you too! Hope all is well bud. Oh the summer of 2014... Running diamonds like we were bad asses!
  6. Later man! RIP... Was fun time back in the day on server 4!
  7. I didn't think people raided houses anymore, since Durga left...
  8. You'll need to make a monetary donation to the servers sir....
  9. Oh damn..... lol
  10. Been super happy with my Logitech G93x series.
  11. Remove lethal payouts and auto pardons. If killed by cop, auto disarm would be great!