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  1. @Hav0k found the rum that was stored on the ship....
  2. This is what happens, when APD announcements are made outside the APD section... All the retards will comment... @Farmer Steve
  3. Congrats @Clockwerk !!! P4 Captains FTW!!!!
  4. Hit me up on here, we can get in game and I'll give you $15k. Cheers. @Blocker
  5. Who are you?
  6. Wasn’t me...
  7. If it’s up to 15% when I get home... Free guns will fall from the sky in Kavala
  8. In with $10... Let’s get this rolling folks!
  9. Welcome to Asylum! Glad you made over here, to the good Island!
  10. Merry Christmas man! We'll miss playing with you. Best of luck!!
  11. My point exactly. Grow up, young gun...
  12. If you weren’t such a toxic bastard, you’d have a better time around here. Merry Christmas!
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