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  1. can we now actually be comped honor?
  2. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/937213906538718592/9C333D50F7E4346CE06F86EACE4DC49319EF6CDC/
  3. sure will do soon.
  4. I hope you realise what you’ve done youve increased my cancer by tenfold
  5. Give us back usual explosive prices old man
  6. I think once people actually stop, and read these patch notes. they will realise 1. Huge rebels nerfs, that have came with 0 buffs 2. Usual cop buffs that arent needed 3. You have now cost people EVEN MORE money. People who bought donor rebel houses, now have a useless house, congratulations. 4. Everything for rebels got MORE expensive, revives 3.5k (actually why??) quilins and prowlers got a needed cost change (but with nothing done on anything else) Suicide vests and RPG shells now cost a shit tonne more because cops dont like them. Overall, you can keep this patch note please.
  7. also eta on honor fix?
  8. And? Am i missing something? Thats still 50k a SHELL, have you ever actually used and rpg? Your making it cost 50k to take out the wheels of an ifrit, ill just stick to VDM’ing
  9. Well that’s fucking cancer, already costs 30k to get one rpg shell, now it costs 50k? That fucking sucks. Nice to see cops get buffs again tho, because they really need it :))))))))))))))))))))
  10. Can vouch from experience
  11. compiling memes onto his shit meme then saying lmao unironically
  12. easily one of the worst memes i have ever seen
  13. damn kicked from madrasa
  14. im glad we could server u sir