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  1. That feeling when you were offered cheats but denied
  2. nah i legit couldnt quit the game, i went through 14 permed accounts, only reason i stopped playing is because i cant be assed getting a 15th
  3. Its disgusting how addictive that game is, literally no enjoyment from it in 90% of games yet people still get addicted
  4. I am very unhappy with my 808’s i had them an octave higher then last minute changed them and now i regret it
  5. was a sample i downloaded, 8 bar loop but i tried snipping loops in certain spots while keeping it simple
  6. 1. its a simple lil peep beat, most are like that 2. ion know about dat but ill take it on board 3. depends on how ya like dem 4. thats just a glitch in the file but thank ya for the feedback
  7. im too lazy to put on my toxicity cape i retired my throne of toxicity and i think ill leave it for now
  8. Uh huh... Lets pretend thats true Im the same, @Roice teaches me currently
  9. do it, i wont progress without an opinion, i want to know a listeners opinion. a couple people have pointed out snares, ill take that in for next time, cheers your just a wannabe Eazy m8
  10. took me 10mins, never spend over 30 on a beat
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