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  1. You where a bitch in FSA, everyone's bitch to be 100% factual. You showed yourself in ts ages ago along with your name but yeah you think otherwise. I know your gonna deny the lagswitch on the forums but i a nice little vid of you two having a blast with it that i was keeping for a certain time, maybe that'll be now. Youre telling me to find and hobby and a job when your hobby is Arma 3 Asylum montages and acting turf over a gang tags.
  2. You know exactly where the lagswitch part came from when you and blade went rampant with it that one time. Of course you are. You where a quiet pleb in FSA afraid of doing anything now youve an ego from playing with a group of mongols. So because i dont show my face or talk about what and where i work at i cant get personal? Ok... wut?
  3. You where a bitch in FSA, left, joined a gang full of mongs, learned how to use a lagswitch, got an ego and now try insult people because they havent made an arma 3 montage on a life server. And your forehead is MASSIVE, like HUGE m8.
  4. Dont be calling DS a gang they'll be in here preaching for hours..
  5. If i see someone with a spar 16 i automatically think cop regardless of what they wear so does most people come to think of it. Also the black NVG's dont help.
  6. Yeah the Spar and a Holo sight give it away. Sorry.
  7. Decreasing server pop wont make server 3 be online permanently. Even when its only its dead AF. Use the ATM's in the city that are marked. Adding markers on the map wont do anything, find them yourself. Parachutes? Really? No, shut up. Useless addition, not needed.
  8. Wait, wait, wait, you're suggesting fixing the servers??? WHY DIDNT WE THINK OF THAT!
  9. No dice.
  10. Gonna need to see prove of that thick tiddy or i call bs,
  11. I would guess the same as the one for getting the bank charge. Cant make it huge just because people wanna play outside the bank yeno.
  12. Yeah sorry forgot to mention its loud as shit.
  13. Few more cams: Shits fucking wild.