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  1. @bamf There is a bug right now, ive only seen it happen to two people in the gang other than me so far and soft logging or dc'ing doesnt fix it, where if i down someone it says that i have ran them over and i get a charge for it, 1k. Like today a bounty was lagging really bad and we could walk up to him and he didnt even notice us and downing rounds done nothing, then all of a sudden i got a 10k bounty and it said i ran him over 10 times and it just happened again after logging in but they got downed straight away. Also sometimes downing rounds will not work for a particular person but will for others. Edit: Also im seeing alot of bugged players ie. error: no unit
  2. I hope its still along the lines of what we talked about.
  3. i think mitch does
  4. I think these temp changes are great and you'll see that they need to stay.
  5. With the gold bars gone from bank will the bank note amount increase?
  6. Fire Gnashes out of a canon.
  7. Just had it happen again and soft logging fixes it but will be annoying having to do it every time. Happens for bounties who log out too.
  8. @bamf Not sure if it happens because of the server lagging a bit or not but some bounties while on bounty hunter stay on the list even if they aint wanted and you're still able to send them to jail. Dont get any money or honor for them but its a thing. Cant drop them either as they dont show on the list, just the bottom of your screen. Sending them to jail doesnt make them disappear either.
  9. A shed can hold 2 crates max or a crate and a ageing barrel for scotch. When you place them sometimes it wont place so you need to relog or wait for a restart. When you do place them and log out/soft log they disappears so when you log back in they wont be there and you have to scroll wheel show crates inside or looking at your shed. If none of what i said worked just talk to an admin but im guessing you didnt know about them disappearing when you dc.
  10. Put the fed patch live sausage.
  11. Lets get this going again.
  12. Roses are red Poems are hard Yeah you like that You fucking retard.
  13. Its classed as VDM now but about like 3 years ago it wasnt hence him asking for a change.
  14. Exactly. Like just make it so if the disabling of the rotor causes death then comp so its a risk for reward type situation.