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  1. The opening line to this response is what the issue is. At first when i made this post it was ment to be a discussion on how to improve issue that the majority of this thread agree with or has seen first hand but instead they have just seen more of the same from someone who is supposed to be in control of the people in question of said discussion. You talk about how you wont fumble around the scroll wheel trying to restrain the person downed but you disarmed this individual straight after you shot him, which also makes your "i will send him straight to jail over the prison anyway" comment useless. There was 4 people to your 8 cops on a push in with 1 person other than the downed party left. The blastcore that is currently on the server right now doesnt reduce the effectiveness of smoke screens from vehicles, its the complete opposite almost from testing ive done when it was first brought back. Also, that one and only report i made in April wasnt my "only" report. Not sure if you can see previous reports from before the report system change but if you can you will see where the original statement came from. Still waiting on the context of that SS btw.
  2. 4 main points ive highlighted: 1. I totally understand the fact they can go above and around the guidebook but some do it more than they should, that was my main reason behind this thread in the first place. Yeah its been this way for god knows how long but when it becomes a frequent issue as of lately im gonna make a point about it. 2. Im glad that you will take action when needed. Although this person wasnt restrained, you might wanna give yourself a talking to. This is highly un-chief like. https://gyazo.com/3e61ad797bf26b292650a79ad5b3f483 3. A certain retired Captain done this this the other day in the presence of admins so by all means feel free to ask around. 4. And lastly to this lovely screenshot. Obviously it looks back but if im not mistaken this was from god knows how long ago, appreciate the fact you actually took the time out to fish through group logs for this one, and is highly out of context. Im pretty sure im talking about someone else saying that specific word and not just saying it for the fun of it so id love to see what led up this this single line of text. You're obviously ok with showing this info so why not show the rest? I could be digging a hole for myself here but im pretty certain its not what it seems. Obviously i said the word but im pretty sure i wasnt directing it at anyone and was responding to someone about the use of that word somewhere. Anyways, thank you for your response.
  3. Ive never had an issue with you nor heard of you causing any issues, in fact its been quite the opposite. But out of the two people you mentioned, one of them was involved in what i stated in my original post. Now im not saying theyre constantly being corrupt or anything, we all know thats not whats going on, but when they do something like this it tends to leave a bad taste and filters down the ranks leading others to act in similar ways. Like someone mentioned above, they have been here for a long time and have played cop for a long time which is why they're captains but it is also another reason why they shouldnt be doing things like this and need to be held to a higher standard. Maybe this post will knock some heads or rattle some cages with some of the responses and that'll be enough, who knows.
  4. Totally agree with everything, 100%. But i still think they need to be spoken with and have the rules they are supposed to abide by explained again. Its not hard to just say "Stop acting like theres gonna be no repercussions to your actions". I think it'll go along way. Also thank you for the input. Im pretty sure you might have been there for 1 of what i stated in the original post but regardless, im sure youve seen your fare share of questionable actions since playing on Asylum.
  5. Its hilarious you asking for fewer snowflakes when youre one of the biggest on the server, your steam screenshots are literally full of you reporting every single fucking thing you see on the server, if if its not a rule break lol. I guess that bank the other day with your 100 round mag really padded the ego aye? Its fine hes Donor 7 Scott. Lets break this down: So what if they are captains? If anything that should make them MORE inclined to follow the fucking policies. "Theyve been on the APD a very long time" Even more of a reason to not act like they do. Shit, ive been a cop longer than some of them and im not that much a cunt to people and im a massive cunt. "Yet another rebel complaining" Theres multiple admins, highers here on this thread and who have witnessed what ive stated above so you can shove that statement right back up there pal. Listen, i get you play cop more than civ and your opinion is gonna be more bias no matter but you have the advantage of having a friendship with most of the people in question, others dont. You wont get the shit end of the stick so take the statements above with a grain of salt and try seeing the situation from every angle.
  6. @Clint Beastwood The point im trying to make with this post is to try and make the higher ups ie Captains follow the guideline that they enforce on those below them and i cant see any other way for that to happen other than having yourself step in to do so as they generally govern themselves, I dont think its much to ask really? with Asylum V2 around the corner the only other issue is this so why not knock it out beforehand?
  7. No idea but like i stated above they pretty much go around doing as they please as of recent it seems, no idea what has changed to make them do that but they've always kinda "done what they want when they want" to an extent because of there rank and then that bleeds down through the other ranks below them over time. I know what ive said above seems like just a rant but shit like that has genuinely been happening the past weeks. Hearing and seeing are on two complete opposite ends of the spectrum. If an admins abuses, report it? From what i understand its the CoP who does that, could be wrong, but if not thats not the way to go about it. Owners should deal with issues like that or make a position that does due to the fact that the APD has a massive role on the server.
  8. Removing will just cause more issues and drama, not hard to just have some set in stone guidelines for them to actually follow. Right now they follow nothing and people below them see them do shit then they do it and the ones below them start too and so on and so on.
  9. Someones gotta say it unfortunately. If it becomes are back and forth accusation thing then there is no fixing it but hopefully it wont be like that.
  10. Right now Captains, retired captains and captains who are admins, are not being held accountable for the things they do and its been getting increasingly worse over the past few weeks. Ive seen them down and restrain people who are right beside them at prisons, banks feds and after a few minutes just un-restrain and execute them because they dont wanna get them brought back to HQ, spawn in rebel vehicles for themselves to attack prisons, banks and feds, countless times where they just lethal people with or without guns when they please and if reported it will be boiled down to "They are a higher up and they made there own decision during the situation" , ignoring APD procedures like just sending people to jail, not letting people explain etc. Now i know some idiots deserve to get sent but some dont and if anyone below their rank done that they would be penalized for it. All this stated above has brought a lot of disinterest on the server from what ive seen lately. I understand that there is only a limited amount of Captains but i feel that they need to be held to a much higher standard considering the postilion they are in, especially retired Captains and Captains who are admins, and i honestly dont think its too much to ask for. Now this isnt a dig at the higher ups, even tho the facts above seem very direct, but more of an example of what i feel things need to steer away from. This imo is the last issue on the server besides the obvious crashing and what not to be addressed. I know this thread is probably gonna light up like a fucking Christmas tree but try keep what you post as necessary as possible and of course Captain and Chief of Police input is needed the most as this is all coming from only one side.
  11. Ive been playing both sides for god knows how long now and ive been able to walk into HQ's with vests in my bag and nades on me etc and its way to easy so adding another fear factor wont hurt. Chances are if you try and save someone who was caught you wont enter via the main gate where its always protected anyways so you'll more than likely will never be searched. And if you do enter knowing this is in effect now you're an idiot so you prob deserve to get caught.
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