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  1. I feel cop works better now without SWAT tbh. Cops respond quicker, push straight in, aint afraid of losing SWAT loadout etc.
  2. i told him to remove group hoarding for money and keep the 20k every 20 minutes and add a AFK timer.
  3. Regardless if it ever becomes strife or a modded server itll be popular for like 2 weeks max.
  4. Turn server 3 into Strife.
  5. At least we have identity to look forward too.
  6. Make it so players who are perm'd cant play and you have to have a certain amount of hours played on asylum.
  7. Elements.
  8. You look like you let other people name your kids.
  10. Might actually win this time with you not on the roster getting revived 4 times to kill one person ya droopy fat puddin.
  11. Eat my ass. Right.
  12. Stop for fuck sake.
  13. That popular demand has been a thing for a few months now. Might be a little late now.