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  1. Are just do it during an event and get 800k like some gang did yesterday.
  2. Unless he knew it was gonna happen like that goodluck proving exploit in a report. If i was to do that i would think i killed the guy by shooting through the glass and not my gun poking through it and vice versa. Ive never seen anyone do that with the intention of poking there gun through the window on there way down to kill the person, never even knew it was a thing until now because of how physics work when you're on top of another vehicle like that .If one person does it multiple times? Exploit, if not then just a shit situation that has happened. Exactly. Just one of them things. I would think comp would be giving after all the shit that was shown but again, its just one of those things.
  3. Although this is a bugged arma mechanic, its not like EVERYONE does this all the time. I bet the guy who killed you didnt even mean to do it that way, prob thought he killed you on the way down just shooting the glass. Is it a shitty way to die? yeah but shit happens. Itll prob happen a lot more now that this video is around with people tryna do it but I wouldnt call it a big issue.
  4. Ive done it with, infront of and on admins and never been banned soo yeah. Ever since ive played on the server, vaulting off of rocks, trash etc has never gotten me banned and ive even seen ADMINS do it so unless its something new or just certain admins trying to flex, ive yet to see anything come of it. But this statement is also coming from an admin who bans people for making to much money because he thinks he see something fishy orwhen you annoy him so yeah. Fuck him. Its there right now so people doing the prisons can go in and out because its a prison break, there taking it over in a sense, cops dont need it. If a cop gets stuck in there, whos fault is that yeno? Ive yet to see a cop actually stuck in there and want to get out. Usually they go in there for a reason and its a good position sometimes too. Talking to this guy, with how bias he is, over something that isnt even an issue is pointless so ima leave it. Prison is fine, cops can stop a prisons break without having to use the sign or while the rebels use it so yeah, fuck it.
  5. No need to. Any competent player can cover the roof from construction or somewhere else while cops push in to fight for or simply just disable the drill. Way too many angles while on the roof to worry about someone simply just running up on top of you. If this is to help balance the buff, increase the elevated time.
  6. The fuck was the point for? Being super fucking awesome? Its allowed so like hello??
  7. Your first issue is asking JB, someone who hardly plays. Yeah he made a good prison, based off the old one, but thats its. People who hardly play shouldnt get any say in rules, policies and mechanics. He may have intended for it to be used by all at the beginning but it ended up being something that was abused and there was no way to defend against it if you where doing a prison break on civ. There is an ACTUAL cop rule stating that the use of civilian mechanics isnt allowed so thats shuts this down all together. The suggestion for a ladder is a good idea 100% but not needed. Theres a mechanic in place that works and causes not 1 single issue whatsoever. If your stupid enough to get stuck in the prison on cop, tough. Either die, get a lift or soft log. Aint hard to play it smart.
  8. The teleporting was removed for cops because it was abused by retards. Yeah you can say just blacklist them etc but more will just continue to do it so it was removed, end of. The teleporting isnt a "feature for rebels" like what are you talking about? Its a way to get out of the fucking prisons for all civilians. Your opinion on this matter is so fucking bias there is no point actually having a discussion about it.
  9. Do you know what drifting is? Because this is a barrel role...
  10. They do it themselves every two months anyway so no need.
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