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  1. Donors cant buy the tribal or racing caesar plane, not acceptable.
  2. @Gimli McDwalin If this is you you're a hero.
  3. Doesnt happen on any other server ive played rp or modded.
  4. Prison redzone still needs increasing and im not sure if the bugged bodies not being able to be revived has been fixed yet but that too.
  5. Tsunami Rain Same thing
  6. Cock.
  7. Whats your point?
  8. <------- sheep
  9. Ive the body of a god. It looks like someone fucking sculpted me. Chiseled abs.
  10. Youre built like a twix.
  11. As you cower behind your ranks, your rules, your tyranny, we gather to subdue the few who have kept us from living a life of martyrdom...i say no more. The 26th will soon be upon us and you will see that your many actions will have one consequence, death.
  12. Unless he knows how to play palace its a -1 from me.