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  1. Youre obviously having a stroke or thinking of a different community because you couldnt be further away from the truth. Im saying you're veering away from the problem not the outcome. Ive an issue with how things are approached with regards to higher ups. Would you believe if i said he cant record because he drops FPS? Prob not, but besides the point. (This is a very stereotypical answer but its the truth) You've been given plenty to work with, not just from me either. Issues have been brought up, reported, acknowledged by fellow higher ups and still it seems you throw it on the back burner.
  2. Codie Alterman unrestrained and lethaled Zaka infront of the prison with like 8 of us there, 2 of which where admins, 3 of which where higher ups (Sgt+) and also said they seen it when i mentioned it previously in the post i made about the Captains a few weeks back along with discussions in TS so you can deny it all you want and think im "embellishing" the situation, it happened. Actionable offences which have had no impact on said person considering they are still roaming about on their second chance as a retired captain, a few words spoken is all i believe was behind 4 reports if im not mistaken? Considering he was once at the top of the APD food chain he should have been held to a much higher standard. If that was a Cpl or Constable they'd be fucked into oblivion. Not baiting, stating facts which you always seem to try and veer away from or just respond with big words to try and sound smart or an emote, which this will prob get anyway. System in place is broke, people are too pally with one another and the sooner you come to see that the sooner shit will start to right itself. 3 years ago people doing what they are now would be terrified to do so but now its a sham.
  3. Or giving every Sgt and Lt online a 100 mag spar to mindlessly push and prey and spray, thats also fun.
  4. Or if youre unrestraining people and lethaling them beside you during a prison break, seizing gold bars during a firefight and driving off, asking constables to lethal you to avoid kidnapping..
  5. Bit late but a start atleast. I'll believe it when i see some action taken.
  6. Good idea but the amount of them that spawns in the vault needs to be upped. Currently all ive ever seen was 2 max with no launcher.
  7. Hes trying to get in contact with you but no such luck so..
  8. Good-ish price but you'd need to upgrade most of it within a year. Better off spending more for the long run.
  9. Make it so you need rebel license and talent along with an illegal firearm. Up the cool down between capping so no plebs just troll it and you get at least 30 minutes benefit before someone can cap it again. Regardless if you make it that they have to stay in the cap for X amount of time to contest it trolls will be trolls so i say just leave it as is. We get notified anyway when its contested but in saying that, change can always be good so. Remove Wongs all the way up north because its completely useless and its basically just a afk cap right now for those who do scotch. Remove the oil rig being a cartel because its completely useless and just stops people from doing oil. Leave the cartel at DP11 and also make it so you get rubber from owning oil which would go into the fridge at the cartel. Maybe add a system where you can use infamy to buy shit at rebel? Limit it to guns, etc and not vests, speed bombs. Thoughts? My 2c. @Jesse @Clint Beastwood @Mitch (IFRIT)
  10. I see a lot of people saying "only if they dont destroy my hunters, striders, orcas" etc but you never pull them so what difference does it make?
  11. Well the originally agreement was specifically no more grotty gangs, that was it per mitch. Like he changed all but like 2 back before he wasnt able when Nino removed the rank.
  12. I thought that was no more grotty gangs no? like it was genuinely only 20 seconds it was changed and changed back.
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