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  1. I dip my ass in the water and fart to clear away the poo particles
  2. Give support staff mod and leave it at that?..
  3. Peru.
  4. Paratus's code is shit. I feel sorry for you having the sift through it but thankful that you are.
  5. This meme requires too much thinking. This community isnt up that level of brain power.
  6. It'll be up yours first im sure.
  7. Closet weeb.
  8. @Azeh loves a good cartoon titty, ask him.
  9. Or they can make it so pressing plates reduces time and not bail amount. @bamf
  10. I dont get why they still have it as pressing plates reduces the bail price and not the time. Anyone who has a bounty over 100k wont spend the time or have the time to grind their bail down to a payable amount, shits dumb. I know there is more pressing issues going on right now with server performance but its a simple change that will benefit everyone. Also alec got a fish stuck in his cock in Peru. #t <cops name> noob
  11. Mentioning you where EXG doesnt help your case here bud..not by a long shot.