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  1. Happened to me before and the plugins being disabled worked for me. Reinstall wont hurt but shut it down in task manager and just wait a while and see if it fixes itself if not then reinstall, fuck it.
  2. You got any plug-ins enabled? If so turn them off.
  3. Didnt see this post until it was too late but found some old BB screenshots.
  4. Support us by not posting a bunch of wank on the forums. @Leroy Jenkins
  5. No theyre terrible. And for fuck sake hit C.
  6. yikes.
  7. I would play it safe and grab a i7 7700k, its cheaper and will do everything a 8700 does. Also you might even be able to get a bare bones deal on amazon or something with a motherboard, ram and cpu ormotherboard, ram gpu that could worth out cheaper than buying everything separate.
  8. i7 7700k will do everything a 8700k does and its a bit cheaper so i would go for that instead, staying clear of AMD is just a general rule tbh. Your 970 should last you a good while still but there is cheaper 1060 and 1070's around so pick one up if you can but regardless a 970 will do you.
  9. If i see spawns blocked, i respawn. What else can i do? Walk to rebel? No thank you. People have been doing it since the server opened and you know what fixes it? Spawning somewhere else.
  10. Everyone uses lag to their advantage when it happens, even higher ups and i guarantee you do as well but you obviously wont say you do after posting this. If spawns are blocked, spawn somewhere else, simple.
  11. Stop sucking dick its pathetic.
  12. Now see this is an explanation. Dont know why Mitch makes it seem like the NSA are involved.^^