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  1. CM was a position brought up by admins to begin with and then a certain person was just given that position without any admin input even tho it was supposed to be a an admin discussion as a group from the start just in case you didnt know. None of the admins liked that hence the big controversy with it from there side to one of the CM's.
  2. Mass kicks are a problem with Arma, no doubt, but theyre 100x worse on asylum because of how its run. No other server ive ever been on has been as bad as asylum so its more asylums fault that BI.
  3. With all them ladders? No chance. And it aint one sided the swat ladders are just too overpowered. Decent fed will get you 15-16 bars.
  4. Have done 2 feds since the vans. One when they used the van and one without the van. Needless to say after the van was used in the first one i stopped doing them for a while.
  5. First dot is silent.
  6. Sir that is racist. I was referring to the country Niger, Africa.
  7. n i g ...
  8. I just woke up and missed the whole start of this amazing conversation so let me start off by saying Insomnia got cheated out of first place. Those guys worked hard trying to get to that spot with all the accounts and VPN's they have used etc its a real struggle guys. Best of luck in your future endeavors, wish you nothing but happiness.
  9. Thank you. I respect people just not that jackass. You havent been around long enough to know why so i wont go into it.
  10. I always run into burning buildings. Mind you, i set them alight myself but i have my reasons.
  11. Tell that to Smirnoff im trolling, hes serious.
  12. Now i get it, you couldn't become an actual cop IRL so had to settle for a fireman and now you act like a tard playing cop on asylum. Make sense now.