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  1. Im just curious to why it was added without any community input. ( Sorry Captain's and maybe LT's.) Your opinion is not enough. So hopefully in the future major changes like this is atleast brought into the community so people are able to contribute and try to make the change as smooth as possible. Because this prison is not even closed being balanced. And people that were around remember why the 2nd bridge was removed. It's not about being able to cover it. But at this rate there has to be atleast 8-10 rebels if there is 10+ cops online. If you are not able to see that, I have no idea what to tell you. This is one of the big problems in cop changes, the cops are legit blind to see the changes they want are not balanced at all. They only see what's good for them in the long run. Stuff like that should be talked about with people that play both or major rebel/civ sided. As career cops have no idea how it is to be on the rebel side of things. As the prison became like 80 % easier to deal with as a cop. ^ Not directed towards you Danile, but had to say it. Come on now, don't give them a hard time. On paper it might be the same, but if you test it ingame it's not even close.
  2. Trust me, this was my thought before there was 24 cops on. Ofc we were getting stopped at that current prison. Everyone is open for change, but everytime there is a change it's overdone all im saying. Way to cheap for cops to get on the prison island now unless there is 10 + rebels on.
  3. First lets start with the new tracksuit, we need to be able to use carrier lites with it. If not it's useless to wear unless you wanna be a naked pretty much. And please don't tell me it has the same armor level, go ingame and test it first. Second the prison. No idea who thought that was a good idea xD <- See my xD? At this point if there is gonna be a second bridge there has to be a policy in place about vans at the prison. If not there is way to many angles and pinpoints the cops should be able to use and legit win every prison break unless there is 15 rebels and 6 cops. And in the future including the community for changes like that might be a good idea, just saying.
  4. Haha nice try pal
  5. No worries the balanced shotguns will make up for that
  6. bump im desperate
  7. Yeah can't tell how much I love the shotgun. Might be the perfect balance it brings
  8. Not when you are hiding like a bitch
  9. 99 % sure it's not gonna happen. Don't spend your time on it.
  10. Hopefully, been dodged for quite some time.
  11. Since you have been here since 2014, what about removing the straight to jail charge? As the respected Admin and Chief Of Police you are I hope you will do what is best for the servers. As that is 100 % the easiest way to increase RP. Since 90 % of the rebels these days have that charge.
  12. I was starting to sweat for a second here. Haha no idea why you say that, I guess people are reporting it if they care. Any plans for the straight to jail charge btw?
  13. Are you actually trying to pretend this has not happend?
  14. Remove the straight to jail charge might be an easy option to begin with.
  15. Take your time is all im saying. @Jesse @Azeh
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