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  1. kappa bamf
  2. I was here for these memes, top notch tbh. You missed the part where I was screaming at the guy running at him LOL....
  3. Is there any way that I can prove to be worth an exception? Stay a Cadet for an extended amount of time? I would even be okay with being a Cadet until I am 17 xD even though that is almost a year away. Sorry for bothering you.

    1. Sandwich


      Go try and talk to a Captain about it. They've had instances like this and have always saiad no, but who knows. 

  4. Your house appears to be haunted
  5. send me ur app noob
  6. No you won't
  7. Re-uploaded my screenshot of my talent points so it should be clickable now

    1. Sandwich


      You're good :)! Make sure to study!

  8. That would be a dev suggestion, but in real life they have retracting spikestrips that can be deployed in a fraction of a second
  9. But even then they still wouldn't have their hands up to be restrained? Unless you're suggesting they can only restrain when someone is downed/hands up. Even then that idea is a little ehhhh
  10. The usage of the spikestrips were actually what we hope other cops strive for. @Austin Rogers The Original did a good job. Cops don't use SS enough as it is anyway. GG
  11. But then in turn they could troll and just never raise their hands. We would then never be able to process them. We all know a majority of the community would abuse that.
  12. It's been a pleasure playing alongside you brother. I'm glad you had fun in my hunter! Good luck in the future! <3
  13. damn it...