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  1. killed soooooooo many people
  2. bad cops then, lethaling is no fun bcuz no rp
  3. me likey
  4. +1 pls. would provide for extra RP
  5. cunt
  6. Rest In Piece my Bank Guide time to make a new one
  7. I'm so hungry now
  8. I can vouch for this too @<Jake>. I've seen about 6-7 people publically post they offered assistence but were denied in some way or another. There's probably reasons to why that was the case, but there's definitely people in the community that have offered help
  9. I hope the best for Asylum. Wherever it goes in the future. Hope it's positive.
  10. never tried this b4 tbh. ive heard its actually really good
  11. well shit, i do this weird thing where sometimes i try Doritos or chips in things. Like when i get subway sometimes i take a bite of the sandwich and then some chips. Surprisingly good tbh
  12. we've discussed this before but pineapple on pizza? fuuuuuuck man i dont judge anyone but how do you like dat o.o
  13. Hey what's up @joshmick121! I'm most likely one of the LTs you've seen hang around in the Senior chambers. As of right now I'm on something called an Absence Request, meaning I don't need to fulfill my activities for the month due to <insert AR reason here>. So if I was to do your interview it would be pointless for me and take away from others who could interview you and actually make use of that as an activity. As for the other LTs you 're seeing, they might just have already done their daily quota. This doesn't mean they CANT do your interview, but they don't NEED to. Best thing you can do in situations like this is wait. Most of us, including myself have experienced long wait times back in the day so we know what you're feeling. As much as you might see it somewhat fit to use the forums as an outlet to let your angers on the matter out, it won't help your case and might actually cause your future interview to be delayed more (some peeps in this community are dicks LOL). But best of luck to you