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  1. I'm dead inside
  3. You reaaaaallllllllyyyyyyy don't want this. Trust me
  4. oh god XD
  5. Lots of interesting posts tbh. I don't think reducing the servers from 4 to 2 would do anything besides create a mask of 'fake popularity' to others. If we get a constant 120 throughout all 4 servers, and you cut it to 2, you'd still have 120 but it would just look more lively because now that 120 is on 2 servers instead of 4. I guess that would attract people who probably were blind to the change beforehand if that was the case?
  6. what the actual shit LOL....... Vietnam Flashbacks at too young of an age
  7. Be safe man, much love ❤
  8. bless up
  9. First stream today and with the amount of love and support I got, I'll be trying to stream daily! Add me to the group ***PS I'll definitely be streaming at minimum 3 times a week so don't worry
  10. XD

  11. XD

  12. im confuzzled