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  1. Damn i killed someone the other day a click away full autoing with the akm
  2. What you Admins dont realize is it wont be populated if you cant make money off of it... Not flaming that's just how the community is.
  3. Or just stick a quarter in betweek your keys?
  4. Yea i made 250k last time (before it was taken down) when we won a 3+ hour game now u get 30k if you win regardless of stats.
  5. He's just saying he wants action on it, rebel life is dying and some easy stuff can spark it up a bit if acted upon. The community even agreed on a lot of different ideas in you're thread you made.
  6. If it doesn't make sense just watch the strife popularity go down in this next week or so.
  7. No money on strife= Inactive server lucky to be over 35/100 now Still need incentives to actually play the game like maybe 10-20k for caps and restores I'd rather afk cap a cartel than sit at points for 10+ mins for a pitty 5k
  8. I did this once accept i was on the side cart of a bike and smacked the driver.
  9. Yea throw it on this thread
  10. So I'm getting new mouse and a MOUSEPAD finally the meme can die.
  11. Hey thanks, but yea I'm not new played asylum for at least 4 years.
  12. Damn that was just straight cruel 10/10 good flame tho
  13. Thank you very much! I appreciate it.
  14. Thanks man!