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  1. wait not a meme tage?? good clips pal @Lorax
  2. @Sugarfoot you still gotta help me get my ninja to 56
  3. Is that my boy from instinct??? P.S. pick up some night vision
  4. Gotteeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmmm
  5. Wait....this wasn't a meme?? I thought u were just in tenacity and this was some shitty meme but its an actual tage.......awkward
  6. Hey man good luck at college frat it up for me and mah man @BoDjango PLEDGE BITCH
  7. The timing....perfect.
  8. Well to your logic someone that would even stick a quarter in their keyboard they would also dupe/exploit if they knew they wouldn't get caught
  9. Sexy Tage my Guy
  10. I did this once accept i was on the side cart of a bike and smacked the driver.
  11. Yea throw it on this thread