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  1. william

    Community Goals

    could make 100k per hour farming @Roice at arms
  2. william

    WTB S3 DP 14 Garage

    same thing fuck knuckle
  3. william

    WTB S3 DP 14 Garage

    1m and its yours
  4. william

    WTB S3 DP15 Garage

    i have bought one. thanks for the referal @Boris
  5. Good job rule follower. Will check on you this evening to make sure all rules are being followed.
  6. william

    Time to say goodbye

    love you viks pineapple head
  7. william

    View Bans on My Asylum page

    just look at appeals you made. i have 2 pages
  8. william

    WTB S3 DP15 Garage

    Hello friends, looking for a garage around the dp15/14 area. reply with pictures and prices please, thanks!
  9. william

    WTS s2 houses

    msg me on steam nolly
  10. william

    Asylum Apparel

    i get it, gotta attend to the elderly first
  11. william

    Asylum Apparel

    if i send in my oxygen tank will they put decals on it too?
  12. william

    Easy Gang Wars

    crikey yikey
  13. william

    Rip Hemtt

    that was like 5 minutes of gathering for him
  14. william

    Easy Gang Wars

    more likes than my montage. yikes
  15. william

    Easy Gang Wars

    its for comedic value, I wouldn't expect a serious cartel e-sports player to understand.