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  1. has he gone yet? @Steve
  2. not bad donald my d00d
  3. #ChineseArePeopleToo
  4. why change something when its not broken ?
  5. made shit music but always a tragedy to lose someone that young. rip
  6. ur in Xehons' rat gang who after a month break I came on to 1v5 you while your gang was DEFENDING drug tower ?!?!?!?
  7. So because your too much of a bot to kill 10+ cops you should be allowed to be downed then get up again every few minutes? Nah m8 im lethaling you every time I see u. cry
  8. hello there
  9. Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on adding the type115 into the game, It would be a good sweetspot between a 7.62 and a Katiba. Obviously 50.cal ammo wouldn't be available to buy. This gun would be a great addition for both cop (CPL/SGT+) and civ. Thoughts? @bamf @Gnashes @Community
  10. lol

    yeh now hit that on a guy who doesnt have a hex exdee
  11. wow clint you just gonna do me like that homie feelsbadman