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  1. you're a fucking dribble for making this but 10/10 for unexpectedness
  2. stfu ur god awful
  3. love you chewbacca
  4. Asylum cant benefit off V2 if the servers are down, where my guy @Cougar. at
  5. your playstyle reminds me of myself, i like it.
  6. as a csgo fanatic I disapprove of this skin. nt though
  7. only thing i learned from this video is you actually click enter rather than pressing it on your keyboard. WTF TONY
  8. can crash my unlocked police hatch at coke pro with 100 flashbangs in it for 200k if you like m8
  9. the only worthwhile game humble bundle ever gave away. Thank you, Yusheng!
  10. one of the biggest spastics ive ever met but ily
  11. nice tage, Nadeshawn sit the fuck down retard @Sean That Irish Guy
  12. memes have really gone downhill.
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