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  1. 95% of crane is bulletproof, even the top platform hard as fuck to kill someone who is up there.
  2. Shadow glitch, a lot of people experienced these back then, was something to do with specific GPU's, I still have the same 750ti but It must of gotten patched over a year ago now. I think @Midamaru got them If I remember rightly.
  3. I know I wasn't here pre 6.0 but fuck me, watching all my old montages back and im nearly crying. I miss it all so much Obviously its never going to be the same again but who else loved the ugly sandy graphics and the old gun sounds, aswell as the old bank and most importantly 12v12 fights. my question is, what do you guys miss about arma/asylum. I miss the game looking like this and all the shit I used to get up to.
  4. idk i might give it a go. Thanks! grats on LT too!
  5. Hey anyone wanna teach me how to play rust If I buy it, I would be completely new with little to no knowledge of the game but it looks really fun.
  6. I was playing with u xD
  7. why u dont want 11 year old pee pee on ur phone
  8. send me more snapchats roice, i will keep u entertained on ur road trip
  9. use quotes please
  10. and you call me bad holy fuck, the dumb aim and retarded positioning topped with a 144p video. I now have cancer.
  11. nice shots, get unbanned from Tekkit xd. Render at 60fps next time tho <3
  12. I have a 750ti and Im a god
  13. guessing you are from olympus?