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  1. yeah @Steve you old cunt
  2. kid i got banned at 9-6
  3. lego star wars > any other lego game
  4. oof that fps. reminds me of me in 2016 xd sick montage btw
  5. yes yes yes yes yes yes thank you thank you thank you thank you
  6. SICARIO!!!!!
  7. half the clips are supreme/global and other half are faceit matches at 2k+ elo
  8. fuk yeh dud
  9. had better clips but ah well.
  10. same keyboard xd
  11. chess simulator btw
  12. Bye

    living in a windmill eating cheese wearing wooden shooes lookin ass
  13. never played RD1 or RD2. Come at me @Steve
  14. Bye

    you retards make me wanna come back just so I can crack some more skulls and send you packing back to kavala. Shut up, you make yourselves look like morons.