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  1. william


    kys finland bot
  2. william

    V2 feedback

    change ur avatar back u have had the same one for years ur not allowed to change it!!!
  3. sir what is this I do not speak american
  4. cringiest thing I've ever seen on these forums and I knew @Mitch (IFRIT) before he was an admin. love you mitchell
  5. william

    V2 feedback

    I knew this was the case and I'm dumb as fuck. smarten up people xx
  6. william


    stop changing ur name noobious
  7. "@Roice can you ban this kid, fat cunt just ran me over." ily @thor
  8. how you gonna leave the 3rd party gang for the VAC ban gang now we don't match @Tiger
  9. you have both been playing this for years you should know unless its a direct dome then its not a 1 tap. Blame bohemia
  10. neck shot and chest shot. was probably low but deffo shouldnt of died
  11. none of your would fight a real gang when one comes back. fucking droids.
  12. My genius truly knows no bounds. Good job James.
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