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  1. i would quite happily fund his escopades hes actually hilarious.
  2. vinnegar
  3. p3 meta = put an LT on the bench of a humming bird nice shots Gayvorey
  4. ur bad
  5. I will always love you, Alec.
  6. Gunner Seat God Slade
  7. all the time man. @Tony. keeps trying to drop me off towers but I keep alt+f4'ing
  8. didnt you know? if you think someone broke a rule you are allowed to combat log on them
  9. You're a disgrace to our precinct @cbakes absolutely no valuing your life. I hope an LT can take appropriate action.
  10. hey look at me im an american all my friends get killed by massive fuck off assault rifles because we are too naive to ban them because "we need them" to "defend our families" man americans are dumb
  11. fucking take that back right now
  12. big man james is earning bare p tho so why not help a guy out
  13. its fuckin beautiful alec