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  1. who was the northerner in the video, he reminds me of myself.
  2. Depravity was better
  3. gets cancer
  4. Rdm

    Admins play sometimes but they arent in game to fix your issues, they are either playing, hosting events or doing something admin related. They dont care what you have to say unless you have a video. Harsh truth
  5. invest in me
  6. outplayed tbh
  7. a smudge away from level 20 and I be giving it a go. I already carry @Xehons and @Crunchedd on casuals so shouldnt be too hard
  8. oh shit is it a code
  9. i care if its not that good. Dont wanna waste my time installing something that ill never play
  10. i read it as ghetto for some reason
  11. omg ur awful delete ur account hahahaha
  12. what u need to reflect on is not using the dark theme buddy. If I switch to the default white I will go blind because of the brightness. Then again I dont go outside.
  13. your so retarded hahaha