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  1. who wants to give ppl the business
  2. House.

    What is Asylum V2?

    Brutal dev work right there, respect
  3. shut up you fat fucking toe Application Format In-game name: House Timezone: est Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot): no u Previous gang affiliations: better ones than you retard Why we should accept you: because I wanna be leader Member who can vouch for you : uc
  4. @william @Lorax @Nomadox @Fudger What a day!
  5. House.

    where am I

    hi yall im still striving hope the community is doing well!
  6. turned evo gang 4G63 too nuts
  7. its exhaulted cyclops btw
  8. me. In all seriousness it depends on the state though, in NY I work in Real Estate and I dont think a single one of us in our office doesnt have a felony or some kind of criminal record @Roice felony gang
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