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  1. I still think the door removal + 12k price increase (20k total) would have been enough to balance it. EDIT: This keeping in mind I despise all forms of offroad transportation that isn't the Qilin.
  2. For Donor, could not agree more. If they were going to move it (in this case they did to Kavala), they should have moved it to the northwest of Zaros. The RPG (and to a lesser extent the sui-vest) nerf is to account for the fact that Ifrits are going to be the vehicle of choice and explosive weapons absolutely DESTROYED them previously at Cartels. It gets tiring pulling an ifrit over and over only to get blown up before you can even drop anyone by some rat off-cap.
  3. I suppose that's fair, though I think you'll find Qilins will die out after a couple weeks. At the very least it will shock the meta and leave the rats scrambling.
  4. As a staunch advocate of a qilin nerf and ifrit buff, even I believe these changes go too far. Qilins are going to be unusable, especially because now people are going to take the time to chop/ claim them. Re-add doors or nerf the cost.
  5. Real Handheld footage from 9-11.
  6. I hear LASIK MD has a great deal going on right now for eye surgery.
  7. The idea is that it has to be more intentional to camp multiple rebels at once. (and it spreads them out)
  8. I have a feeling it's going to be to the southwest of Mineral Yield Quarry to the northwest of Donor.
  9. Start taking it when people are actually online running drugs/ scotch/ buying weapons if you think the money isn't enough. It's been making plenty for our gang. The only legitimate complaint is that if the people who do have access to gangbank are money whores, then the people low down in the gang have no incentive to fight because they will never see any profit from a distribution from gang bank. That said, you could merely employ capitalism and answer this complaint with "well then join a better gang that doesn't jew you on your money", which seems adequate to me.
  10. To point out that it certainly wasn't montage-worthy.
  11. All I know is that kill on me was because I was given an incorrect call out by Stratego. (And I still managed to get you to 19 while you were around a corner)
  12. I am actually, genuinely confused by this comment.
  13. Maybe I'm blind but I can't find the clip where we get slapped as hard as you're suggesting?
  14. Soon™
  15. You are a stronger man than I. EDIT: Every damn time I start a fed the server immediately cuts out.