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  1. Their loss; if the goal was to promote good behaviour and discourage the poor they’ve managed to do the opposite. I’ll keep it in mind next time I’m on cop that I have no incentive to operate desirably.Though to be honest I just don’t think they give a shit enough to have that as a goal.
  2. I love having the server restart so that there is no money to be gleaned from Feds or Banks.
  3. Just because you deserve it doesn't make it so ftfy
  4. I'm so certain I deserved it that it feels like I already had it and they stole it rather than not give it to me, and on false grounds no less, hence the response.
  5. Teaching cadets results in being in a different channel from the other cops (like SGTs) so that we aren't making their comms aids and vice versa. The exception to this, when there ARE other cops, is when you're processing or dealing directly with civilians but THEN I do the teaching in direct comms so that the civ isn't sitting there experiencing dead-silence while the cops talk in TS. This leads into the RPing with civs. When I (or a cadet) start RPing with civs, the SGTs around me get bored and fuck right the hell off. I would be better off never talking to the civs, or in the case of processing just giving them a ticket, so that I can hop in the vehicle with the SGT instead of getting left behind and forgotten about, let alone noticed. And you're right, the alternative is they're in a car on the way to checking a drug field (preferably in the passenger seat while they make a cadet drive them). There is one final exception to the car rule, and that's responding to a higher-up request. Very rarely do I see a SGT process somebody on their own unless it's a higher-up request. Apparently, it's boring enough that it warrants leaving somebody else to do it. EDIT: And this isn't just to shit on any and all higher ups. I have no idea what the P2 SGTs are like so I'm not after them, and my criticisms just don't apply to the P1 Lieutenants who consistently demonstrate a capability at succeeding in rectifying these problems.
  6. "Above and beyond" here means intentionally make sure you're riding passenger in a SGT's helicopter because otherwise they'll never be around to notice you.
  7. I'm usually the last one to leave the bank channel because I take so long to process people (because I actually take the time to do it right). Remind me again how you're trash talking me when I leave the channel when I'm the last one in it?
  8. I'll take CPL straight up for having earned it by being a good cop, not by going out of my way to do overt actions for the sake of higher-ups to see.
  9. Literally all I do, hence the angry disbelief.
  10. And my point is (in the poorly articulated rant) they weren't THERE to recognize any knowledge or leadership. If the only way for someone to become aware of your good deeds is for somebody else to have to DIRECTLY tell them about it, then where the fuck were they the whole time?
  11. The easy way is just to make sure you're always in the channel with whoever is in charge of your rank's promotions. Despite people's insistence, I denied that was the way to go about it and tried to earn it by merit alone as opposed to kneepadding. I'm known for being stubborn but god damn I was wrong and they were right.
  12. Sort of out of context since it only captured last 66% of the rant, but I stand by with stunning conviction everything I claimed. It's impossible to be recognized for doing what's expected of you when there is never anybody around to see it because they're waiting around for a fight and too bored by what you're doing it to bother with it themselves. EDIT: For those that feel offended by what I was saying, or who disagree, I am not exaggerating when I say come talk to me. I will DEMONSTRATE that I am justified in my claims and outrage, in front of your eyes. I will say everything I said in this rant to your face. (and back it up in a more succinct and evidentiary manner of course)
  13. Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed
  14. I would prefer south-Chinese gay Christian mingle.
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