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  1. The guy is missing brain cells what do you expect.
  2. This is such a retarded argument. The only time anyone complains about getting shit on by an mxsw is when they have gear and are actively fighting back. When the APD is engaged in a firefight there is no restrictions on using a weapon, that is why the gun is OP because it has a significant advantage against the other guns frequently used by rebels.
  3. Farewell Bada, sad to see someone who cared so much about bettering the community leave.
  4. Ron you’re not old enough to watch this show.
  5. Innate


    Hey, I remember you <3
  6. This is what you get for being trash at RL. jk <3 u
  7. Gratz ladies you deserve more credit glad to see this.
  8. Yes I understand that however, the evidence locker is the most difficult endgame objective to complete I don’t think that an rpg rocket or two is to much to ask for as a reward for such an event.
  9. Ron you making it to constable was far enough don’t push it.
  10. It was more for the cops who just happen to log in with a default loadout and then decide to change to an mx. Not cops who die and can press the “gear up” option. Also I know cops don’t have to drop gear to change it however many cops do so anyways and just seize it off of the floor into evidence,
  11. If it works as I imagine it does will cop spars that get seized when cops are gearing up be put into the locker?
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