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  1. just pm me if u want some artwork its 5$ per artwork set we can strike some deals just pm me
  2. So my first day back in asylum I log in with a 50k bounty and a rook I don't know how I got it but I drive down to donor rebel buy a spar and a suicide vest, I say in side everyone protest at police HQ kav. nearly 20ppl show up and they are driving their cars into the gate and exploding. Not even 4 minutes into the protest NV shows up and kills every cop and every person in the area I run into a house and hide killed 1 person than dipped to the police gate there were around 5 cars smashed into each other with a few cops saying "IF YOU TOUCH THE FUCKING GATE I WILL DOWN YOU" not noticing my vest I open the gate and than detonate killing 7 ppl than and poof RDM ban 7 days
  3. Probs ive lost a lot today, Today alone i lost 550 im pissed lol so im not betting anymore My whole inv is won tho add me here
  4. This is a how-to guide on loosing
  5. Bro my desktop got flooded i live in houston
  6. yea dude free ass skins im down
  7. My rez is fucked i had to move so im on a 60 inch tv cause my house flooded in houston
  8. Anyone want to trade in-game money for PUBG I have 1 mil ill trade it for pubg