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  1. Ppl that do what you do have started this entire problem and now act as if it’s a normality to just leave someone restrained when yo are done with them
  2. I completely agree it especially sucks when you have logged into Kavala with a full gear set just to be downed and restrained, last time that happened I turned my pc off and went back to bed lol
  3. Yea i agree 100%
  4. Eyyyyyyyyy heeessss done it
  5. Ok thats dope thanks for helping out the community with shit like this
  6. I play on a super high DPI would this effect it i don't look around in circles but my DPI it is still up there
  7. Don't Grab gold bars through the vault wall
  8. Lol when LINK went off on Wolf (YIKES)
  9. This shit got me in my feelings because it was the day i got permed
  10. lol u see me the classic retard on tower at chop getting lethaled
  11. lol i looked up goat grabbing and this came up @ron the player
  12. lol we need pet dogs @Poseidon
  13. lol im approaching that number quickly might have to stop before i get ahead of myself
  14. hey im trying to get rid of my Escape from Tarkov account it is Edge of Darkness if any of yall want it please PM me i need to get rid of it
  15. goodluck