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  1. It was better that way I felt Special XD
  2. Lmao I have Comcast lol I Get BE kicked 20 times a day
  3. I get BE kicked every 20 mins Especially when I'm Flying
  4. Lets do it lol I wanted Russian Roulette and slots
  5. These are just two Ideas that could easily be implemented Tell me what you think we could easily pull the old switcharoo and pull the mission file
  6. I have seen many posts that have suggested asylum has a casino where players can gamble their Hard earned cash Similar to Exile as Shown Below Players could play Russian roulette or slot machines Exile also has Slot Machines both the Russian roulette and slot machines could be implemented into Asylum in a few weeks ( with the communities help)
  7. Throwback to Estellors gnashes rap
  8. On 9/11/2001 I was about a year and a month old, I was not old enough to know what was happening but, I know we got sweet revenge and made those fucks pay for what they did
  9. After talking with a few people I really know in asylum I realized that some people live less than 5 mins
  10. I dont get it Rly tho fuck Nike thousands of people fought and or died under the flag and for kaprineck to kneel to the flag is just plain disrespectful and for Nike to partner with that retard it is just fucked
  11. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 I remember seeing a thread way back please tell me what you think
  12. XD
  13. You Csgo trolling has to be the worst trolling vid i have ever seen
  14. Yikes
  15. Most of Bad Blood is active as well as airborne and most of us are 18