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  1. is it a small map or is it big because i like the cqc maps like cartels
  2. lol i know about the ip shit but come on lol i have not found a single cqc server i need one
  3. lol i want to see the gofundme
  4. Nah My GeForce kicks me out every once in a while and one of the times was in police restraints GeForce now is still in beta so its a bit weird rn
  5. Hello Players and police that have played on may 18 if you have arrested or downed me today and i left it is because my game crashed lol Currently i am on geforce now because of pc issues, If you believe i alt-f4ed on u please pm me and ill transfer you some money
  6. *n
  7. same thing is happening with me i talked to @Reapered in game he helped me and big john out
  8. Big Facts
  9. yea lol Fuck sleep
  10. I don't sleep lol
  11. Sounds a lot like asylum mayhem
  12. I’ll try to do a bunch of pratice ones and once I get better I’ll do a big one
  13. been a while since I did a rubber run or a cartel for that matter but it sounds great
  14. I was like Yea I'm gonna stick to money tutorials
  15. ikr it was my first and last attempt at something like that lol