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  2. @Tom Kappa ADDRESSING YOUR CONCERNS - Hacking: Hacking, scripting, and 3rd party applications are not something we condone but are one of the unfortunate consequences of gaming. Despite our best efforts to combat these unfortunate events, they are going to happen. We will continue to ban those we catch some easier than others; however, BattleEye is the anti-cheat Bohemia Interactive has decided to use and the best we can do to prevent hacking is to filter it out. When a hacker does decide to come and ruin your experience you may let an Admin or Support Staff member know so we have more information to work with. As for the man who picked up a large stack of cash that hasn't been caught yet. Have you made a report so we can look into the situation? - The APD: You are correct, there is a hierarchy here that benefits those at the top much more than it favors those at the bottom but, most positions carry this nature. I will agree it is difficult to impress someone who is not around to see or hear you out but, don't confuse not being around with being ignored. The APD staff rarely make mindful attempts to ignore others although it may appear that way. It is clear that the APD could do with less fraternizing in "Senior Police Chambers". This is ultimately up to them and the Captains. Bear in mind it can be an overwhelming nuisance to be bothered about APD matters while trying to play cop. As many are already aware of the APD deals with discipline in the form of points. Some Staff members are a bit more leisurely with handing them out and some are more realistic. The intention is not to throw it in your face because you made a mistake; it's to let you know just because mistakes happen doesn't mean they go unrecognized. Ultimately we want your APD career to be entertaining and as a result, you will hopefully provide a similar experience to those around you (Including those who are being unreasonable). I think it's important to state this is a game and everyone knows it some just take it a bit more seriously than others. In these cases, it is best to put your pants on one leg at a time and be civil about the events that have unfolded. The payment system that is set up on the APD side has been adjusted to accurately encourage officers to deal with the situation with "Role Play" in mind; however, not all officers are going to commit to role-playing and being fair the best you can do is let an APD staff member know about the situation so that they may address the individual. With that said you may find yourself in the real world being unfairly treated by the police but, you generally comply and put a brave face on later you make a report if you so choose. Although it may seem reasonable to address another cop about something they did that was incorrect. You may find it rarely works out. Not for a lack of trying but, those of the same rank have a hard time listening to their peers about mistakes they've made. It is best to bring this to an APD staff member so that they may at least moderate the conversation in order for you to get your point across while being taken seriously. Yes, the APD is lethal happy that's not news. We expect officers to use good judgment when deciding to go lethal. This is not always the case most officers just like the easy way to earn money even if it less. Sergeants+ on the other hand are most likely stuck in their old ways of S4 where lethal was the motto. It's best to document when lethals are abused and make an IAD. -Red Names/ Dead Names: We are aware that the "Red name system" is not always fair to those on the receiving end but, it does have its benefits You are more than welcome to state your concerns in the suggestion box or with the human suggestion box @Mitch (IFRIT). -Ban or not to ban: If you happen to be banned or see someone else who is banned you may be wondering about the times. Let me ease your suffering. The adjusted banning system is lighter in comparison to the former; however, it encourages those first-time offenders or new players to adjust to the rules without leaving them stranded from Arma for an extended period of time. It may not always seem fair while comparing to other bans of the similar stature; however, Those who recieve longer bans are generally not first-time offenders or they've been here long enough that they should know the rules by now. If you happen to think that you were unjustly banned you may appeal it on the forums and the Admins will discuss the situation with you. -I deserve "Patch Notes": There are a few reasons patch notes are not accelerated. First being when we all get home we want to relax not everyone finds relaxation in compiling code nor is it a compelling developers salary. Until something is released it's best to be patient and keep coming up with ideas. You are correct not all the ideas that have been brought up have come to fruition yet; however, based on previous experiences with this lovely "toxic community" things need to be nitpicked before they're released due to the fact that there are always people who will not agree with the changes being made despite any attempts to explain. I would recommend that the energy used "shit talking" is turned into encouragement. No one likes working on a project when everyone is saying it's worthless. -Bugs Happen: This is Arma and we should all be familiar with the way it behaves. This game is far from optimized and since Bohemia Interactive has focused their attention elsewhere it is not incredibly likely it will be fixed as quickly. Not everything can be fixed with scripting. Granted we could be more civil and informative while addressing issues but, some people answer more abrasively than others that's just the way it is sometimes. -LagSwitching: "Lag Switching" is an issue but, it's not as simple as slapping a timer on someone with connection issues. Every game can suffer from Lag-Switching it is one of the many downsides of online gaming. Latency between the server and the client is inevitable. My best advice is to make a report about it. Like this
  3. I'm not inclined to believe this topic is going anywhere nor is it a good use of anyone's time. You all can one-up each other's insults on Reddit. I'm going to leave this here so that the keyboard warriors can figure out how this profound technology works while everyone else gets back to their regularly scheduled lives. 888 888 888 888 888 888 888 .d88b. .d8888b888 888 888d88""88bd88P" 888 .88P 888888 888888 888888K 888Y88..88PY88b. 888 "88b 888 "Y88P" "Y8888P888 888
  4. Hello CaressMYHips, You may "fully support the shitting on of higher rank man children in the APD and the shitting on of asylum staff" on your own time. This video has already been removed for being posted in poor taste. I would recommend you take your content to the proper Minecraft forums where it will serve a more productive purpose. Thank you for your time. Sincerely. LOCKED
  5. I disagree. I would defend any player the same way. It just so happened this conversation was warranted. You all have a pretty simple job here. Have fun and be respectful if you can't figure it out then I will happily show you the door. P.S. I'm not quite sure what the idea was behind posting this and also trying to get Revenant unbanned on the same post but, I would recommend you make your posts in better taste. LOCKED
  6. Whatever I did to him. I don't even remember so...¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Must not have been important.
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  8. An SSL certificate wouldn't really have an effective purpose on our forums.
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  11. Please upload the video to a trusted video streaming platform and link the video or clip on the report.
  12. Good Luck! LOCKED
  13. I think the answers you've received should be plenty helpful. LOCKED
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