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  1. even in montages i can tell this game is ruled by campers
  2. there is no need to inform about no kills on powerpuff girls, i's physically inpossible to harm the powerpuff girls.
  3. Man makes 1 video with cheating accusations and thinks he knows. Sea turtles. Ya gotta poach m, even at drug
  4. No1 cares for you or ur 'edgy gamer' comments
  5. Knew mida was a cheater, where can I get pull-ups like that
  6. idk whoevers in the ifrit but as a snuggly pigglet member i am dissapointed
  7. that's ironic coming from you
  8. wollie35


    actually enjoyed goyneys montages because this guy actually did something with it. o7, actually likeable person.
  9. the fucking i am an undercover higher up part was brilliant
  10. dw i am not touchy, just wanted to provoke something, asylum forum s been boring
  11. Just because they play the game differently or enjoy different shit doesn't mean they are morons.
  12. How about a post making sure u don't unban him. That seems to be the common trend
  13. Man brings out valid point and u ask if he's a cop. Even if someone isjtn a cop, which he is he can still think for both sides.
  14. pretty sure no1 is surprised by the bans
  15. wollie35


    Corona can't get me to play, so nothing will, Thx asylum for good moments. Don't take yourself to seriously over a videogame, especially not a buggy game like arma 3. i am officially inactive now https://gyazo.com/e287d7bd32f3d866ddcda6f0096a9efb
  16. wollie35


    Weirdest fishing story tldr, drunk fishing with buddies in Germany and catching a duck on my hook. That was so fucking difficult to take off but eventually we managed and I think he survived but idk
  17. kitui is probably one of the biggest retards ive ever met. Which is a pretty high achievement in my book told us it was lag and his pc froze, also vdmd space here btw. I think he forgot to realize he still passenger seated twice right as his game froze. Dw that wasnt my orca that was his own.
  18. One of the few good players with good music and is not a mongloid I feel like from memory. Good shit
  19. they were giving away free beer due to the expiration date. Best virus ever
  20. already like it just because of the music.
  21. problem with this is, now u probably got and i doubt we can get rid of you.
  22. give up on the game, even high elo players are retarded this was the point when i stopped playing ranked
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