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  1. Shut the fuck up u fat little ginger, the only one that will kill himself is u after i realese the video of u fucking a goat. U fat fuck.
  2. SD Entertainment Nelvana Enterprises, Inc
  3. care bears Secret Bear
  4. All Part Of The Great Asylum Master Plan ™©®
  5. Skins made by @Kille, ping @Mitch (IFRIT) and make him add them to the server!!!
  6. Didnt know u were interested in boys
  7. Hello! I want to become a moderator on this server. I made a video on why i should become a moderator.
  8. I think hes talking about some other guy called nathan
  9. K-rauta willing to buy zaros shed
  10. C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!
  11. Kicked from K-Rauta for being stupid

    1. william



    2. Samperino


      @william Wouldn't it be "Jewgga?"

    3. Calle.


      @Samperino nah its "dickupmyassgga"

  12. Calle.

    Free game!!!!

    Free on epic store
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