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  1. Spoke with @spake he said it just needs to be shut down
  2. Damn really left the guys name out at 49 seconds
  3. Compressions kills alot of the quality sadly.
  4. Nice Also this was so funny to watch https://gyazo.com/83fdf5a030c90220231f039d8ab8891d
  5. Looks good just need to touch up on the smaller details like Suspension coil, Inner wheel and something on the top and mud flaps to finish it off. I feel defining the bolts and other details makes it stand out more. you can do something like this on the top which makes it look more defined/less bland
  6. can someone just accept this guy smh
  7. Shit might have to upload a Walt version of this.
  8. Can barely tell you're using the net limiter in this
  9. No harm in trying it and seeing turnout especially whilst it's so popular. If it doesn't work it doesn't work and it can just be changed back. Been the closest fights we've had in months
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