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  1. Banned from Code four gaming by a gamer girl hahahaa
  2. Mason Statham


    I will dedicate all future passenger seats to you
  3. Should of saved time typing all this up and just said copy paste GTA
  4. Enjoy "gaming" in jail fag boy
  5. You're basing this off of a outside view and have 0 experience or knowledge how this works first hand. You let BHers camp the rebels in these that's all they'll do as cartel players generally have the biggest bounties and this is the easiest way to catch them. I've had people say Asylum would catch these closet cheaters if they played over here prove it. If you think people will bother playing if they're getting outnumbered heavily you are wrong. There's a difference between making the event playable to babying people
  6. I'm sure he'll be twice as good this time after following your guide.
  7. @Gen. Henry Arnold Shocked you've not applied tbh
  8. Finger must of slipped up yours own in these two buddy https://clips.twitch.tv/FastIncredulousLionTriHard https://gyazo.com/b874c3ee4469b6d3af8c26d0f03f32ee I really couldn't care would of just preferred a decent meme video was put together this is a video you found on instagram or something and instantly thought was unknown vs synthetic
  9. You must get downed and insta killed daily.
  10. https://clips.twitch.tv/FastIncredulousLionTriHard https://gyazo.com/b874c3ee4469b6d3af8c26d0f03f32ee
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