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  1. If you did you would of shown me the clip 5 times whilst asking me should I montage it?
  2. HMU when you shoot out a orca what's 600m up in the sky
  3. Yeah that's a big no doesn't work on this server, people would just sit super high so their chances to get shot out are little to none. Only way these get added are if titans get added.
  4. Yeah had its as the other colour and then thought of putting white right at the end felt like a racist but white just looked so much better. Ty forehead Make our gangbank rise a mill and I'll think about it. Doubt any of them would get added think he doesn't like me or something idk. Is it missing a ; at end? @Potato @Patato can you assist plz
  5. so made a few hatchbacks skins The chequered one i just gave up on as i ended up not liking it so never finished it Lemme know what you guys think Also made a white edition of the blue hatchback
  6. Happy birthday @Walt 

    Let me know how showing those hoes your montages go. I'm sure you insane movement and quick reactions will get them gagging for it 

  7. Sooo is that a no on the hatchback skin?

    1. uc.


      Add that hatchback for donor 3+ 

  8. Smh didn't add my hatch skin it really do be like that sometimes
  9. This is actually a really good guide. Happy people won't ask me questions anymore as I'm pretty clueless with what I'm doing tbh. Also had no clue how to do clothing so looking forward to having a play about when I get time
  10. I was waiting for something funny to happen like a plane flying into the body or something. Wasn't trying to ruin the moment by skipping parts.
  11. Thanks for wasting a minute of my life.
  12. PS join the Powerpuff girls today to achieve best results of this!
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