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  1. Truly unfortunate gaming experience for me Nice tage
  2. Wouldn't shock me since pretty sure this was a Henry thing.
  3. I hardly play the server unless a bunch of my friends get on here either way. Just funny how Asylum have always said it will be done by X time and it never gets done doesn't matter which devs are on the server. Simple solution would either be not giving out dates for when things are going to be done or actually notifying people that it's delayed by X amount other than waiting for people to start wondering where the patch is
  4. Yup some things never change around here.
  5. Powerpuff girls/Kawaii Killer Kitties best gang Also
  6. I laughed hard at this haha!
  7. bet the retard bitched about vdm aswell
  8. Don't see anyone else having problems killing them you just suck dick
  9. Just like Corona virus the sneeze has spread wide.
  10. You guys don't get those boxes when you play? Weird.
  11. Sensational work on this case gentleman. When is Batcan being released from wrongful imprisonment?
  12. Mason Statham

    o7 boys

    First time I met you in game thought you were a fucking retard glad to see some things never change o7
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