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  1. Also cannot wait to support my fellow Altis civilians. Do I need to put in a app or do I just get accepted?
  2. Someone had to fill @Akeelagi's spot
  3. You need a decent amount of people to hold gates drill etc cover and w/e I usually get on with a couple of other people fight a couple cartels fuck about and get off. Just speaking from what I see from other servers which actually offer self sustaining fights people seem to prefer to play them to fight
  4. Leave Henry alone kids still trying to work out his evidence lockup since V1
  5. People nowadays want self sustainable fights where you can actually live off the money or things you get from fighting other then having to do runs.
  6. Gonna be a sad day for people tryna make money when there's 10 cops and 10 civs in the dead times of the server.
  7. I mean money is money nigga. We use to do this all the time to poor fuckers just because we knew they had a bounty. Was such a needed change it was so exploitable literally prevent people from logging out
  8. Clear cache or try on another browser. Works fine for me
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