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  1. People voting for Steve have never played with Steve or are trolling . He's more likely to ban you playing with him other than against him.
  2. How do people get ego's when cheating smh.
  3. You can get skins down to like 70kb and below and they will still look fine in game Also feel like letting everyone have access to a gang Ifrit skin or w/e ruins the uniqueness of it @Space Space flight school plane?
  4. Merry Christmas buddy glad to see your getting thing back on track.
  5. Don't see that many people wanting to play over here tbh so doubt it will be even numbers
  6. Didn't even make it into the fuck off back to Olympus post smh
  7. You're acting like UC and Zurph's global ban was actually due to them cheating on Arma which isn't the case at all they had battleeye say that the ban wave was not for Arma so at the time it made complete sense to unban them since they had no definitive evidence that either was cheating in Arma or atleast enough to ban for cheating at the time. Also comparing a global ban to a ban on KOTH which come from a person with 150 hours on Arma is just plain stupid. Anyone complaining about UC and Zurph being aloud to play again after being told their game bans aren't related to Arma by batt
  8. Pretty sure that's not gonna go down well with bohemia.
  9. That's because no gangs fight at most 2 cartel gangs on the server since no incentive to fight on here.
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