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  1. Literally haven't said a single thing about admins but ok? I said they as in whoever decided to change it I was more referring to this as soon as the qilin change was made people said they were too expensive for having no doors. feel free to look back at those posts Kinda confused why it's people who have a unlimited amount of money saying there's no issue with their price.
  2. From someone who actually played back when the Qilins were cancer it was either take the doors off of them or make them super expensive. For whatever reason they went and did both. I also wouldn't care about the price if I had infinite money
  3. Banning someone who hasn't / doesn't break the rules on a constant basis for a long time is stupid usually a day - 3 day ban is enough to dissuade someone from doing it again since the bans stack. You guys probably all got comped for what you lost so what's the issue just get on with it and play the game.
  4. #DefundtheAPD bet it was the kid who got away with the gun who reported you aswell
  5. Fuck Steve all my homies hate Steve
  6. Lil Worm coming with the fire once again.
  7. Should if kept going till everything blew up
  8. It's always the retired captains which just say fuck it to the rules as they only come and play to fuck around since they couldn't care. Policy updates means nothing Captains will do whatever they want anyways.
  9. Why are some vehicles just perma stuck at like 7% fuel in your garage?

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    2. •ÐŠ• Randy

      •ÐŠ• Randy

      go to gas stations like a real roleplayer

    3. Veezara


      Fill up your car all the way with gas right before a restart and sync next to it so it stays over the restart and when you store it it'll save the full fuel thats in it

    4. Mason Statham

      Mason Statham

      @Azeh said it's fixed for next patch

  10. Can you explain the thought behind these two lol?
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