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  1. @Gen. Henry Arnold @Azeh do you guys knows defib animation is bugged rn?

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    2. Azeh


      fixed I think

    3. Mason Statham

      Mason Statham

      It's better but still shoves you into a animation after you hit 100% kinda hard to explain tbh i'll try clip for you

    4. Azeh


      It's not live yet. I'll probably release a hotfix later today (today for us EU people, that is)

  2. Yeah fuck these cops and their lethals. Taking away the bounties from the Powerpuff girls disgusting behaviour. Better yet get rid of the entire cop force and let us bring justice to Altis
  3. Mason Statham


    Yeah really don't see this happening.
  4. Free me plz all i want to do is play with my best buddies @Space and @Batcan


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    2. Toxicc
    3. Mason Statham

      Mason Statham

      Sadly due to my foul play on the Asylum gaming servers the streets of Altis will be unsafe for all innocent civilians. I must apologise to all of those who perish on this night for i have sinned. 

    4. Huan Lee
  5. If fighting caps wasn't a waste of money I would still play Rebel, I'd rather make money fighting as a bh tbh.
  6. I was always told that your gang bank is just your second bank account
  7. Where does one apply to the Medic clique?

    Or is this a friends only group?

  8. These shit posts are what make the forums look somewhat active tactical decisions
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