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  1. I was waiting for something funny to happen like a plane flying into the body or something. Wasn't trying to ruin the moment by skipping parts.
  2. Thanks for wasting a minute of my life.
  3. PS join the Powerpuff girls today to achieve best results of this!
  4. Nothing beats this bigman tune tho
  5. @Infamous [FULL SEND] it's been two hours and you're yet to comment something you ok?
  6. Upset you song isn't a Disney song ngl. Nice tage tho
  7. If anyone interested this is how it would look without the logos etc I personally find it too bland without any of the logos
  8. Nice. Can someone explain wtf those retards are doing at 1:15 tho? Literal definition of clueless.
  9. I personally don't see a massive issue with the rule just more of a issue with some of the people enforcing the rules. If you intentionally ram another car for a advantage I always thought it was bannable even with the old rules. But accidentally tapping someone which caused absolutely no impact should in no rule be bannable.
  10. I mean sorting out the staff is also a pretty good option.
  11. Anyways @RoguePilot any chance you can handle this one for me https://gyazo.com/2d444e697450f641bedb984d35264a2f
  12. You realise that's not Chrome in the clip only part what's actually him is the discord.
  13. Makes sense how he can afford 3 speed bombs in his normal cartel fighting loadouts.
  14. This is why it's a requirement to dislike Rogue over here at the Powerpuff HQ. Throwback to the time he said it wasn't bannable to jump on top of someones IFRIT glass and shoot them out but this is a 3day.
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