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  1. You can't say that unless you're YUSHENG
  2. One thing i'd like to see actually fixed "if" possible Is the sliding players not being able to be revived. that's gone on forever.
  3. I have a maxed RS3 account and my brother just gave me a almost maxed 122 old school account. Still slowly getting back into it.
  4. I miss Runescape.. i still have my first account ever which is maxed. i think i even went as far to get 110 Invention. Haven't even tried oldschool out.
  5. Have had friends with the same issue.
  6. Anyone want to buy a industrial shed server 2 ?
  7. Not true ! i personally do my best to respond to any call. sometimes there is a lot going on so keep that in mind. If you're 3km away from a medic be patient and continue requesting we want your money lol if we aren't busy we're on our way.
  8. Congratulations and good work
  9. I know we have ifrit skins and hunter skins but it would be cool if you saw more people/gangs using other armored vehicles. the strider is crap compared to the ifrit so is the hunter. When you see gang's doing shit you'll usually see them rolling in their ifrits & hunters. i'd like to see some cool strider skins lol. that's literally it, the vehicle itself is fairly useless, other than the fact it is armored (And drives on water). I couldn't see civs being given striders lol, anytime soon at least. What would we even do with them ?
  10. I spent 7.50 on keys and landed on the same bust each time.. how does the credit work ?
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