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  1. you need to use "y" Inventory to lockpick. "T" to access the insides when it is unlocked. Yesterday i wasn't able to use "I" inventory only my phone inventory for some reason.
  2. Still got the shed near peaches ?
  3. Sorry about the 50.cal bro you get your comp ?

  4. I believe the main thing is though it's a good idea you can't just have a bunch of people viewing reports who aren't staff members. Could be a lot of bias decisions. I think like you said they would review the report and than send it to staff to confirm ? Regardless if there were people looking at the reports and informing staff the decision to take action would be the staff members lol. so it's like catch 22. You want the reports handled quicker but even if someone looked it over and confirmed it was rdm than sent it to a staff member it could take awhile for them to see it. just like it does now lol. The only real solution would be more staff members and i don't think it's a job many want nor that we really need more of atm. i may be wrong and others may feel different. If you feel this strong about this you should wait for support to open up and Apply.
  5. I don't think it takes to long. my reports are usually dealt with within the hour or two of being posted. And the support team may not deal with rdms directly, but they do help with giving you information on your case. if i can any question i usually have server related or rule related i just go to support. They can also save you the hassle of putting a report in if you have in-sufficient evidence I see what you mean. But i feel the only fix to maybe less longer wait times for reports, would be more staff members who are (Volunteers). Atm i believe the staff team is prob swamped with reports due to the COVID-19 Quarantine so prob why you may feel reports are taking longer also.
  6. Isn't there already prestige ?
  7. Just want some cop geaar
  8. Sometimes, and i mean sometimes. When i'm running long enough i take my finger off "w" and i just keep running.
  9. Payne


    Some hermit in his moms basement
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