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  1. Happy Birthday @DS_Billy 50 never looked so good! 7aef4b03a89af95fb9c39946da4f6e99.png

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    2. Farmer Steve
    3. DankBud


      sperm count just got that much lower lulz

    4. DS_Billy


      dank ur gonna make my diabetes worse stop.

  2. Anyone here interested in playing some modded minecraft? if so hmu

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    2. Sikorsky


      waiting for ars magica and tinkers construct to be updated

    3. Jinlul


      1.7.10 modpack is way better than tekkit the fuck

    4. Luke SwagWalker

      Luke SwagWalker

      u right. 1.7 crackpack best pack

  3. you guys remember the fsa guy with the deep voice who did rp videos? what was his name?

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    2. Luke SwagWalker

      Luke SwagWalker

      rip del :( i loved his videos

    3. House ;)
    4. V3n0M!


      Del The Cop Killer




  4. Happy Birthday

  5. lesbians = immigrants? 

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