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  1. No it's actually just water I could not afford the $70 bottles on Amazon that most likely wont work.
  2. The forums are no longer safe. Take some for your travels.
  3. happy valentines day ❤️

    1. Clint Beastwood

      Clint Beastwood

      you call that a dick?

    2. Boon


      Jealous. ❤️💓

  4. Sounds like something to protest for!
  5. I caved in, it's been added.
  6. Holy Professor Goyney I don't think you can find a guide as good as this online
  7. I've only seen one other person with such skills @Mason
  8. Yes I would like to do something a bit different for war rating / war kills / war deaths etc It's planned to add more options and more banners based off achievements
  9. that was 5bil last I checked did you visit the casino
  10. Cool spinning circles if network is slow past 1 second when requesting. This uses an API to generate unique codes when you join the server. This will allow staff to better verify your steam accounts when needing help etc. It might be asked for in the future by staff nothing to worry about.
  11. Yes. We will see how the API handles it for now then I'll slowly add more Options into it.
  12. Added: Dark Mode (for those of you not using an extension already to change it.) Help tooltips to multiple pages. Signature Creator and New API for making signatures. 29 New Banners for Signature Creator. 10 For the upcoming subscriber system. 9 For current Donor 7s and upcoming Donor 8/9. Add / Remove APD Rank. Add / Remove AFD Rank. Add / Remove Stats. Choose from 4 different Stats to show. Loading animation for slower requests and hang times. Steam Avatars to Leaderboards. Steam Flags to Leaderboards. Donor 7 and Subscriber Tags to Leaderboards. Highlighting your own rank on the Leaderboard. Showcase Leaderboard rank if in Top 100 below the Board. Prestige Leaderboard. Blood Money Leaderboard. Edit: Hot patched 1/23/20 Blood Money to Profile pages. Auth Code Viewer. Edit: This will help Staff Validate your account in the future in case requested Copy Link Button to Profile pages to easily share your myAsylum Profile. Changed/Tweaked: Leaderboards are now updated every 30 Minutes compared to live. Leaderboards display Top 100 Users instead of 50. Leaderboards size and feel. Responsiveness for smaller devices on all pages. Few backend performance issues. Page Load speed immensely for Leaderboards. Page styling. Fixed: Scroll Bars not appearing. Few typos and other issues. (Looking for personal Spellchecker) Removed: Profile Page Signature Showcase. Asylum Mail. (Being replaced SoonTM) NOTE: API for old Signatures is DEPRECATED please use the new Signature Creator.
  13. Happy Birthday

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