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  1. I’m going to be doing this closer to the release, with it being moved back so far. There isn’t much of an interest.
  2. Thirteen days until I’m doing this epic giveaway. Why not join for a free game?
  3. That cut is superb, I really enjoyed this visual. This has increased my possibility of overdosing due to the returning of traumatic experiences from Steve Cosma.
  4. No rule or red zone needs to be added, when you enter Kavala you pretty much sign a waiver.
  5. I'm going to eventually get Donor 7 just for the beret. 

    1. Ron D

      Ron D

      I've donated towards the rank 3, how do you get the title that you have?

    2. Swade White

      Swade White

      I'm in the same boat

    3. Sants__


      Stupid auto spawning night vision goggles ruins it

  6. Only perk Imma use is extra slots for Loadouts (for medic), cheers boss.
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