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  1. im confused to what the goal of it was, cause in the end i never lost my account and it seems as if they completely bypassed any steam guard i had
  2. its quite hard, im on beat stars but thats hard to sell on unless you pay the like $200 yearly fee reaching out to artists can be hard cause its hard to find some in your own style, but im making a website rn so i can try market my music better
  3. made a wee deep techno tune, not really sure if i have the mixing right
  4. i had more of a problem resetting my password it seems than him getting past an email and 2 step guard authentication, steams fucked
  5. i logged into my steam to find like 20 friends gone and 30-40 people having messages me repeatedly saying "hey" "sup"
  6. this isnt me, i was sent this exact message and tried to sign into a csgo website thing thinking i was helping a friend out, dont be silly like me, keep ya details safe
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