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  1. why are you responding to me when your not the person i quoted? stop being oskarss bitch LOL
  2. ok, im not sure if you are serious or if your just plain ass braindead at this point
  3. and it means exactly what he just told you, pea brain
  4. you actually believe these people were cheating?
  5. LOL torment made your gang ragequit every night remember, your gang has accused damn near everyone of cheating cause yall suck that bad LOL
  6. its crazy how many kids actually think this is a legit banwave LOL unknown kids just look like clowns lmaooo edit: i actually can’t believe what a clown john looks like rn ahahahaha
  7. Whats your relationship like with Adam Briggs? is it maybe you that typed this to a certain someone?
  8. yes, you quite literally live for attention, you literally feed off it idk go check man, 25k plays total
  9. you are clueless, shall i leak screenshots of you begging to join my gang on Phoenix? keep typing middle font and someone might give you attention lol when was the last time anything you've made had 17.7k plays or views? ill wait fellas!
  10. wdym i defended him? lol he was never accused by anyone of relevance of cheating for me to defend him
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