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  1. as long as you havent been caught i dont see why not! god bless america!
  2. can confirm, have avoided many a ban from saying this
  3. explain i personally think the moshpit is dog shit, i hate the cancer 6v6 ADHD fuck fest, i prefer the fireteam game mode, seems fun so far, but also seems kinda weird. I enjoy MW but only groundwar. i just got this to play zombies. thats it.
  4. youd think with how much you rely on this forum for social acceptance, you'd know how to use it you can preorder the game for the same price as full release and play it rn
  5. Anyone else playing? this is the first cod ive been excited for since i was a kid
  6. i like it, after using the forums for like 4/5 years i think it needed updated
  7. this explains your mass rdm'ing on among us
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