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  1. Hey do you guys mind answering this question
  2. people in unknown were banned for cheating, no?
  3. if they ask for comp, then they cannot report if they dont, and you still comp, they can still report
  4. I'm not sure how you would do that, but artists like Frank Ocean and Tyler, The Creator do a lot of stuff similar to this, it might be something to do with vocal inflections, try google plugins for that? unsure tbh
  5. fuck me the bank looked hella fun shit was like KOTH
  6. for Analog Lab V? Its made up of synths from the 60’s-90’s and some new stuff i think, i could be wrong ive just woke up, i usually buy everything with Paypal Credit or PayPal Pay In Three so i dont just give lump sums away and i can pay it off better, just helps manage my money
  7. ye, but its apart of like a bundle called Arturia, which is what i have which is alot more synths
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