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  1. https://soundcloud.com/knifekrime/its-lit
  2. Do you know this incel @GO7NEY ? cause i sure as hell fucking dont
  3. unsure what thats supposed to mean but aight.
  4. i hope this skipping class thing is a joke mr oskar
  5. i dont at all? i work, i go out alot, i play games, and i make beats on the side as its fun, you sit on the forums all day, bathe in ur internet forum clout, sit and be negative towards others to get rep to feed ur own pathetic ego, and get butthurt over people doing there own thing just a life tip buddy, no one cares how many times u got a warning point on a gaming forum!
  6. https://gyazo.com/d32502a71e79468cc88b9383c88b18f1
  7. nah, ill stay here, thanks tho its fine, ill keep posting
  8. yeah, i block 5 everyday, i think only 15 of my 51 followers are real people
  9. thanks i guess you are one of the biggest reasons i post here, and that funyuns kid you do you buddy, i cant stop you, but just cause you dont like something doesnt mean others dont 'ppreciated. hates welcome too. thanks sir, what did you like more about it?
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