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  1. no one was applying for this gang in pm's
  2. mat the w hates catholics bro really posted a clip from 6 years ago im pretty sure it wouldve been impossible for zurph to use tss.
  3. i cant tell if thats meant to be a gotcha moment or not, cause probably 5k of them are from 2 years ago and further lol, but ty for bumping the post lovely x
  4. dont worry im actually out living life instead of being a virgin who sits on a dead roleplay forums all day x
  5. have either of you ever heard of a joke or touched grass? also im so thankful my fans have saved all this stuff to remember they once killed a legend
  6. i said it ironically but i actually am anyways i have never been killed in arma 3
  7. no way oskars egos that big lmao, sammy was better than him ahahahahhaahahahahahahah
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