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  1. This is one of the concerns of adding all this medic stuff. Medic clique for the win
  2. Defib cooldown timer is now 6 minutes for civilians and cops. Adrenaline shots have been renamed to Narcan shots. Narcan shots will only pick up a downed player. They will not remove the debuff after being revived. The time it takes to revive someone has been increased from 15 to 20 seconds for civilians and cops. Re-added fugitive/informant pings for cop. Just don't feel these ones tbh ^ All in all a really good patch. Thank god the RPG is gone.
  3. No idea how people don't have repair kits in their helis. Mine always spawn with em
  4. Rodrigo


    What a fucking gameeeeer!
  5. What you mean? Im talking about The Witcher 3 m8
  6. It's the best game I have ever played. The DLC's are so insane for that game, feels like another game tbh with you. And there is so much to do on there, taken me like 400-500 hours to feel I have done pretty much all. And im far away from doing completely all.
  7. Carrier lites on the tracksuit? @GO7NEY @Clint Beastwood
  8. Not bad brought in a colorblind designer in @GO7NEY
  9. And my job for Envy INC. But can't discuss what my position is there in public.
  10. Selling tv's like nobody else m8
  11. 17 seconds is what I call proper use of game mechanics
  12. haha bitch, legit couldnt see anyone
  13. Yeah thank god they teached me the ways
  14. Apply to DH, they will teach you the ways.
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