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  1. See @YuSheng I told you the Hong Kong protests are real... @justi is that yusheng with 911?
  2. 1.) sorry we have lives and go to school so we don't misspell words such as GONNA. 2.) We fight more then you think, I get on and fight as well as half of my gang. 3.) Maybe if you stopped playing with casper the perm god and went to cartels you would see us.
  3. I hand draw my skins as well as my edits dweeb, you can pull up a photo with similar colors and make a claim LOL, who did I call a jew, lmk please? Because I talk to no admins in game besides mitch or nino? You get into clints pocket and think your the shit, your "hand drawing is a pen tool of straight lines, get good kid LOL.
  4. First of all I hand make my skins, I would like to see someone of your extremely low standards try to make something that looks nice rather then slap a jpg on a ifrit and take the copyrighted hyperbeast skin from csgo that you are now profiting from. Second of all I feel like im on Olympus forums because of the toxicity im getting from the staff members on this server. If the hatch can be fixed so easily then do it, and then hand draw a skin and say its better then mine twat. hand draw a skin and make it work on a hatchback then talk shit, oh wait the "gfx devs" don't know how to be C R E A T I V E.
  5. toxicity from the server owner is greatly appreciated, bring back @BaDaBiNg_10-8 .
  6. 1.) adidas tracksuit has Nike sneakers. smh, as well as being very pixelated in game, not a fan. 2.) Bape would actually look decent if he merged the camos and made the main camo dark black and 2 shades of red (with grey/ light shades of red on the pads and gloves.) 3.) the redgull skin is optimized so bad it looks like its a blob on the server, 1/10 don't recommend. 4.) I aint trying to start anything but I had the hyperbeast idea for a hatch many moons ago and it looked 10x better. ^^just a rough draft took 10 minutes 5.) "rediimov orca" is blood orange in game, and he got bored on the cockpit. My overall rate for this drop is ab a 3/10, henry was making skins before and I wasn't a fan but his were at least optimized and had detail. I would rather have him making them again. Don't shoot the messenger just voicing my opinion.
  7. coming from the guy who cant bring a ifrit to a cartel because we take them, have about 10 in our collection. care enough to be on the forums about it, play the server before you make assumptions
  8. coming from the guy that's plays a server that got shut down...
  9. That's our favorite kind of people. Literally haven't been in Kavala in weeks and have owned every cartel for 3 days till right now. try us
  10. Dear Olympus players, I would like to be one of the many to welcome our Olympus brothers to asylum, Bamboo Union has open arms to any Olympus player that would like to join our gang. Just message either @maxsa , @王 luke 王 , or myself ( @BU | I have aids inmybutt ). We can teach you all how to make money fairly fast as well as kill people very easily. Thank you for using Olympus as a stepping stool and coming to play with the real players on asylum. Thank you, Bamboo Union
  11. you got montaged in your own gangmates video, enjoy.
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