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  1. You be kind and respect your elders.
  2. @DarkKnight and @Clockwerk, the fuck are you teaching these people? I know most of us are in America where it is shoot first and plant a gun on them later but come on!
  3. They just keep getting better and better. Please, keep doing this. It's the best entertainment so far.
  4. @Sp0on Sorry pussy powers are gone, I'm no longer relevant. I always say "maybe someday I'll come back" but then I laugh and realize I probably wont. I lost all my stuff so I'll have to start over.
  5. God knows I've heard you drunk plenty of times.
  6. So you can find me next time! Try not to leave us for too long but you know how to keep in touch! It was fun times. Going to miss you around here!
  7. @Ethan Smith Welcome child. Please do not be shitter like your brother.
  8. Oh Padrinos, I am so thankful to have even met you as you are truly one of the best! I'm sad to see you go from being an admin but I'm glad I still get to keep you around to talk to. o7
  9. This is 100% Thalia, just needs more TACOS!
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