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Peace Out

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The time has come to say laters n shit.

Since joining back in 2014 i have spent countless hours in game and on the forum's and had a blast. I know a lot of people here don't like me because I've been very very toxic and well fucka you.

To everyone who ive played with both on the APD and Civ its been fun, im gonna miss most of you... Just not @william LOL hope that was you're last orca... Everyone else keep on being toxic!

I just wanted to say thanks to Bada and Clint for taking over a dying community and turning it around. Good luck with the future of asylum i hear some good things are coming.

Laters n Shit 

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21 minutes ago, Ron Johnson said:

Quitters are shitters boi. Just make your money back, pretty easy when the wipe script doesn't wipe infamy and honor

he had 25+ mil and it was his infamy that was "exploited" (note: not money)

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3 hours ago, Michael L said:

he had 25+ mil and it was his infamy that was "exploited" (note: not money)

24m cash, millions and millions in vehicles/houses and items


6 hours ago, BeefPatty said:

Good riddance I say.  

who are you?

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