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1 hour ago, FilipinoBusinessman said:

@Sterlingwhy they need to use a VPN? we from philippines dont use VPN. our stable ping is 220 to 250.. those dragon boys have 200below ping. they much have a Better internet connections. unless theyre doing sometinhg

they usethe VPNs during fightsto maketheir ping higher

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4 hours ago, Farmer Steve said:

nah nigga they use vpns bc a lot ofshit is blocked in their country

ik that but they change locations to somewhere where there will be higher ping when its fight time

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8 hours ago, Black Eyes said:

i thing they deliberately make their connection slow only during fight couse if u see when they not fight or they have lots of gang member on their connection is fine... (0_0")

no.. thats hacklag bro, he got ban yesterday

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how about we just eliminate the problem by region locking asylum so I don't have ptsd of standing around athira and someone comes up to me and says "HANDS DIE OR UP" and then he just disappears and I die from some invisible dude

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42 minutes ago, Sheriff Rick said:


I notice every time you talk about China, you show up and you talk nonsense. Didn't you brush your teeth when you got up this morning? I think it's ugly

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On 2021/5/6 at PM936, FilipinoBusinessman said:


Because the Philippines is very backward and can not use VPN, Chinese players use VPN for better game play and try to avoid similar situation

5 minutes ago, Soviet Toaster said:


I don't think you have a woman, and you always will, because you are so ugly that no one can look at you

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