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  1. Poll says otherwise buddy.86 want to keep to some degree. 50 want gone. Should stay as that's what the community wants.
  2. dont remove them. As chip said its changing the Meta for the good. It is random and allows for new siuations. Adapt or Die
  3. Looks like the community has responded with a resounding increase the minimum bounty. The other nerfs have hardly any support at all. Seems we should only implement the single thing because there is not actually a problem
  4. It's a wed the first or second week of school. People aren't on games as.much. Calm down and quit trying to make a problem out of nothing. I had nothing but constant fights today. So I'm absolutely ok with the state of the servers.
  5. Oh man on a tuesday at 7pm the servers arent full ooooooooooh better shut it down bois.
  6. Asylum is not going to bring any new players in while whitelisted. So your whole point is moot right now. But also closing 2 would drive a sizeable chunk away.
  7. Throw everyone off, close S1 and make S2 the primary server. Anyways though no solution is needed. There is no problem here. Servers are pretty full every single night.
  8. I guess whole communities in discord were set up to ruin v2 per jessie. Soooo idk. But it definately slowed player count progress, people can apply for whitelist...but I know when i roll across a whitelisted server i move on, dont bother making accounts and requesting it.
  9. I am a career cop, but I also play the fuck out of civ. I have 5 houses myself. I think it is too much because it locks out new players from decent properties, I would love to have 10 houses myself... It is kinda moot anyways since people would just roll alts to scoop their old houses. Also back to the full server thing, we are not likely to get many new players due to the whole currently being a white listed server thing...
  10. Either way with the server being whitelist only right now I do not think its worth advertising. Most people see a whitelist server and just move on. Once the whitelist is removed advertising is a good idea.
  11. I see 70+ on both servers almost nightly. There is no server population issue. A lot of people have invested into server 2. Removing it would just kill a lot of peoples willingness to play. I think the house cap should be lowered anyways because there are too many people hoarding houses, but keep both servers open. There is literally not a problem currently. And once V2 is actually to a proper running state more people will come. Infamy, war points, and everything associated with it will bring the fights if handled correctly by Jessie. But again I havent had a problem finding a fight since V2 launched. I am finding fights i hadnt expected since well into last year.
  12. I think there are some changes that could happen, like the minimum bounty and maybe less time in restraints/cost raising. But honestly I do not feel a compromise is due here in regards to gear and effectiveness. Bounty hunters have less effective gear than rebels already. They are usually very out numbered and have to think about their plays. Again these dudes should just nut up and think of ways to counter a bounty hunter, instead of ruining the fun for the rest of us who enjoy fighting all the different groups on the server. It is one of the many things that make asylum asylum.
  13. Why make mx's illegal. mk's are so much more effective. This is just Bots complaining about getting outplayed
  14. The poll is swinging heavily towards keep BH but with various nerfs. I would not suggest that the mx be removed, that is just dumb. Rebels outplay cops all day long against MX's. So just learn to outplay bounty hunters too? People just want stuff handed to them and do not want to have to watch their backs. I do not think the Pilot Coverall discussion is really valid...limit one whole legal money making tracks ability to defend themselves because of some salty rebels. I never play bounty hunter anymore, but having that challenge removed from the game would make the island more dull. We should be increasing stuff, not getting rid of it. Raise Min Bounty Raise Prices Raise BH license cost Rework APD - BH guidelines Increased/decreased timers for sending to jail and restraint length All of these are viable IMO, bounty hunters should be doing legal stuff anyways, and fear losing load outs as much as a rebel. This wave of rebels being scared of everything is silly. Should we just delete all other factions for them and have AI that dont move so they can increase their killstreaks? Quit being a bunch of pussies.
  15. I really believe equipment should stay as is with a raise in minimum bounty. Bounty hunters can go where cops can't and serve a purpose. Policing the server where and when the APD can't. If you remove or need bring back cartel raids and lower the requirements from before. People shouldn't be safe to do crime because they are afraid of being out played. Also I think the poll should be remove or nerf. Then a second poll about how to need once concluded. Votes are gunnanbe split heavily this way
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