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  1. I can confirm there is a lot of hatred directed towards the support bot. Just looking at the logs makes me cry a little. Support Bot actually doesn't handle hacker complaints but now JUST for you @Crunchedd I had to add it ;-)
  2. Justice Brother!   Justice!!!!!!

  3. Summon the justice wagon! Get the pain train!
  4. Awww yeahhhh. He's back =P
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to me!
  6. The only action taken was the swift liquid justice administered to your head. Thank you for your report.
  7. Excuse me!?
  8. It happened so fast
  9. Had nightmares for weeks, still seeing my chiropractor after the attempted aerial breach.
  10. Disgusting.... You are long overdue for some copious justice
  11. Show the part where you mercilessly detonated your vest and murdered my officers
  12. Potato funds? You wanna throw down?
  13. Hello Painbringa112 I've been waiting in TS now for almost 2 days no one interviewed me yet,is that normal?

  14. I've been playing for over 2 or 3 years.