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  1. Painbringa112

    Asylum Apparel

    But 6XL though?
  2. Painbringa112

    Krypton Leg progress Pics

    This is Officer Banger Approved
  3. Painbringa112

    Really intelligent Teamspeak 3 Bot we have here

    Hey man The poor support bot is working 24/7 he can only do so much. Google just likes to fuck with em. You told the poor bot to "kys". Toxicity, PERM
  4. Painbringa112

    Painbringa "Bringing" The Justice

    Justice like this has never been seen
  5. Painbringa112

    Returning old player Leonheartzed

    Paintrain never left
  6. Painbringa112

    Returning old player Leonheartzed

    LEON my boy! Its time for those hatchback drives again
  7. Painbringa112

    Higher ups refusal to roleplay

    Can confirm this is accurate representation of the pain train
  8. Painbringa112


    This is what its alllll about boys
  9. Painbringa112


    I thought I had the term paintrain copyrighted damnet
  10. Painbringa112

    Dyno 10/10 Rapper!!!

    Dj Skeet Skeet is a literary and artistic genius way ahead of his time.
  11. Can confirm Maxime’s piloting skills are non existent. No choppers were harmed (too badly) in the making of this video
  12. Painbringa112

    I'm Back to Asylum

    Finally, someone from the old days is back. Bata ran the most dank newspaper on Asylum =D I still remember the photo of him with the cigar back on the original Asylum Member Photo Thread. Welcome brotha!
  13. Painbringa112

    Shout out, Murmurs 2.0!!!

    I’m here no need for alarm. We will get the pain train going
  14. Painbringa112

    Any bodybuilders / weightlifters here?

    You’re done. Link me your app
  15. Painbringa112

    Any bodybuilders / weightlifters here?

    Been going 7 days a week for about a year and a half now. Currently 175 @ 9%bf. I’m on a 5x5 program atm. I’m sure my pic is somewhere on these forums lol.