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  1. I’m not sure what this is about, I don’t pay much attention to the forums to know. As much as I see that there are people who want to leave or whatever, but I also see a steady base, myself included that are willing to stick around with confidence in the future. I look forward to seeing what comes out of y’alls work. Best Wishes Fitz
  2. I know its probs not a priority, but the asylum servers part of the website obv doesn't work anymore because of the new ips
  3. I agree with the shop part, but like there’s a door to the upstairs room that could probably be locked
  4. There are numerous properties around the island, which have not been bought because simply they cannot be, including these following buildings. https://gyazo.com/d53e210980cf31e24a2f08b4d5284f50 https://gyazo.com/dcd0e8232540c42972a42de10b2014da https://gyazo.com/4e5b2ddd10dd39074873a36bc23fe669 Ik its probably unreasonable and already thought of, but I just wanted to say,m the ability to buy these buildings for like 750k market value would be a cool new addon to the server. The ability to put crates in the upstairs of these shops, would be a new thing, instead of a gang you could start a company. With the barracks as an office buildings, (1Mill) and the ability to pull out any vehicles on the outside. Also build up your companies military portfolio by buying one of those weird looken shed things, also with like 4 crates for 1.5 and able to pull out trucks. Ik those doors don't open but there r doors that do, and a possible new impact for the game. Altis does follow a capitalist system, so why not let the violent gangs try to become legitimate businessmen for a while? Lease out quarries for special mining rewards, or buy gas stations and use the profits? Ik its probs impossible, but I has voiced my opionions Papa Fitz Out
  5. Edited to include a better photo
  6. Kavala 70k Server: 2 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: House House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 70k Location (Town/DP#): Kavala, Right on the water, next to drug dealer Asking Price: 120k Description: Its a 70k right on the water by the Drug Dealer in kavala, I use it to excavate, and scotch processing, just excavate behind PD with a boat, beach it and run the 10m to your house and store. Additionally its in the quiet part of Kavala, which lets you get a good gear up, (or in my case scotch processing) House right near the msr, and drug dealer. Pictures/Video Walk-through:https://gyazo.com/fa74ff26296af4b69600e9db6d3cbd04 Dp5/Athira 40k Server: 2 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: House House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 40k Location (Town/DP#): In between Dp 5 and Athira Asking Price: 80k Description: I use it for scotch, you can put in a crate and make it a pretty decent athira house, its right on that main highway from Athira out West, and its also a strategic house for scotch processing, as I use it for as of current, there are some reeds out back, and barley out front, which provide free barley, and cover for any vehicles you might be driving around. Pictures/Video Walk-through: https://gyazo.com/adfe0efc4ff46568893d4d10f4feac9e https://gyazo.com/adfe0efc4ff46568893d4d10f4feac9e
  7. Server: 2 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: 120k House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 120k House Location (Town/DP#): Therisa (Donor) Asking Price: 250k Description: Its a 120k, right across the street from the Home improvement, its a pretty great ganghouse, I just stockpile debit cards in there and its a 100m run to the dmv. Pictures/Video Walk-through: https://gyazo.com/47c4096d8c611ff8b90f003f63abe5f8
  8. This was another great patch, after seeing the servers in a standstill for like the last year, its good to see them up and about again, and a team trying to help out the community, and work on stuff. Although I'm basically a career cop at this point, when I do play on civ I personally love the jeep,(I haven't played yet with them within the new patch, so excuse me if im being stupid, just basing off what the lads said this afternoon). Is there any chance that we could make the wheels on certain vehicles slightly stronger? Like Im completely fine with them being tissue paper thin, I own one irl, Ik they are. But like if we could hit those pipes on the side of the road without 4 tires going out 10/10 would appreciate. Just my two cents feel free to call me dumb. Maybe if it only happened to specific models of em? Like I know there used to be a rebel offroad that you could buy in camo, maybe a jeep in that the orange color like the armed one, just without the gun, and tires of moderate strength? Obv they'd be more expensive to buy, just like rebels drive around irl in nice cars, that are just retrofitted, I think it'd be a cool way to tweak rebel life a little bit. Feel free to rip me apart -Papa Fitz
  9. I'm out of the country for the next day, when I get back on Tuesday, I will send you the discord link for the interview. Thank you for your application
  10. KGB is back on S2 I'll start recruiting in game in a few days! Welcome back comrades!
  11. Northerners Unite Behind House Stark House Stark of Athira is here, a strong Northern Army Ready to Honorably Protect the Weak Winter Is Coming so Join House Stark and Fight off the Eunuchs and Invaders Do you have over 1500 Hours and want to protect the Realm? Join House Stark Today IG Name: Former Houses to Which you once owed allegiance (Have been part of gangs b4?): Hours Within the Realm: Trained by Which Master Of Arms (Preferred Role Bh/R): Why do You want to Join House Stark? If YOU want to join house Stark please fill out our App above or Contact Lord Ycrep Stark, Lord of Athira and Warden of the North, Ingame. Winter is Coming
  12. IN-GAME NAME: Ycrep Ewallitszif HOURS PLAYED ON ARMA 3: 1700 PREVIOUS GANGS: KGB, The Shadow Company, 101st Airborne Division MEMBERS WHO CAN VOUCH FOR YOU: Personally I have never had any like vigourous conversations with any of the members, But I think I have played with a few of them either on cop, or fought them on civ. Ive been around for a few years so as long as any of them played on the old S2 I should be recognizable. WHAT ARE YOUR REASONS FOR APPLYING: By old gang KGB disbanded, its just me and the other leader now screwing around in our free time. But I still play a decent amount like 20 hours a week and want to get into a new gang that I can have some fun with, all the while getting some serious combat. FURTHER INFORMATION: I'm solid in combat and in flight, but heli-wise I need to wipe off the dust I haven't flown in months, but Ill start flying on KOTH a little today to get back into it.
  13. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have played on here for over 2 years and have 1800 hours on asylum alone, and we are missing out. There needs to be Moreno paramilitary equipment. have you seen the videos of the Czechoslovakian war of the 90’s every one of those rebels have a goddamn tank, not a Qilin. Not to mention that what pos rebel groups these days don’t have government support. Ok I want to see Kajman’s roaring over Kavala, I want to see FSA in M1 Abrams tanks rolling down to bank. I want Clint Beastwood to be flying an F-16 doing strafe runs on the bank. But it in all serious I think for 250k you should be able to fly an unarmed Blackfish, it would have like 1500 storage and be illegal. Or unarmed tanks i mean come on here folks
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