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  1. Heres a concept for yah, next time your blinded nwhile flying, and you know your more than 100m off the ground, ie not hitting anything, put it in auto pilot hover for the 6 seconds you cant see.
  2. I want to buy the 120k long house in the hunting ground on s1 will pay good value best wishes -Papa Fitz
  3. I would use the money to help out some poorer members of my gang who lost money when s2 went down and they sorta lost hope, to help them get back up. Also having more than 15k at a time would be nice
  4. Ill buy both the dp5 scotch houses for 450k
  5. I am aware this is probably the 105th thousandth post about s2, and its fate, I dont care about it anymore. I just want my shit off of it, it came up last weekend, which happened to co-inside with a gigantic fucking snow storm which hit the Northeast of the US, which meant that me and my boys all lost power and were unable to get on s2 to sell our shit to the bank/ move some shit to s1. All i am asking, is either for the money associated with our properties, or a set date of final take down for S2, stop telling people wtf is happening in quiet ass back rooms. All I am asking for is aeither s et up time, or a final day or something so I can get my stuff off of it. Thanks -Fitz
  6. Mayhem, my internet finally got restored yesterday, if our deal still stands I can hop on and grab it
  7. @Mayhem I'm interested in buying again, has some irl stuff to deal with, but I won't pay 900k for it, if there's any flexibility there msg me I'll be happy to negotiate a equitable agreement
  8. 650k 4 both
  9. @cbakes
  10. 450k for 40k and 70k package deal #longlivepornhub
  11. I literally had to relog bcuz my crates wouldnt show in my house, I went to soft log and it wouldnt let me back in, I lost a boxtruck and inv full of scotch that I had just spent the last 2 hours doing. Eithert fix these fucking servers or bring back online the ones which did work. I dont understand how you can be so anal about having max servers whern you dont even have any that fucking work.
  12. I did it, sold all my op s2 properties I had spent years building to get a bunch of 120k's on s1, Ive spent this whole last week setting up my scotch operation, its fun Barkin I welcome you
  13. 451k
  14. I'll buy it when I get on tonight for 900k