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  1. don't let this distract you from the fact that @Alec-I is bad at fifa
  2. @DaHai这个人只是叫你是同性恋
  3. *video may or may not be sped up https://i.gyazo.com/2c07ca04de9ca3bfdbba66e1830b5d48.mp4
  4. i think it was on reborn, hilarious vid where kid screams hands up and sprays into oblivion, can't find it on yt someone link me it please i need a good laugh
  5. successful Evidence Lockups =) https://gyazo.com/38f35de684df5b6b3163a8574d7853b7
  6. Reduce the price of RPG Rockets?
  7. Agree with you 100%; the vague nature of the policy change does not help either.
  8. We aren't talking about the policy in totality, we are talking about the update (as mentioned in the title).
  9. Also experienced a situation earlier where after the APD got wiped the first time, second time they came back to the illegal area (only two of us were there), they were already using lethals. In essence, I feel as though eventually after getting wiped over and over again eventually the cops will be able to just go ahead with lethals despite having more numbers in the majority of situations and lethal everybody while seizing their drugs/illegal items.
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