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  1. on the contrary i really miss having to spam my way into one of the servers
  2. "I'll absolutely play alongside you all in Identity" What you wanna do Motown, play some chess or visit the Karaoke Bar? Everything else is closed. lol
  3. "Wait... why isn't he getting downed?" "That's...that's an NPC." haha
  4. Please dude, for the love of saving thousands of dollars just go to Build your own computer, although it probably won't come with warranty individual parts may have it; having a brand on items always makes the price skyrocket (Alienware, Corsair, iBP, etc). Unfortunately, right now isn't the greatest time to buy computer parts because prices have inflated to match that of cryptocurrencies floating around, so if you want a good price on building a computer, you'll need to wait for prices to go back down. Good luck.
  5. bf4 isn't even close to dead, on pc I always find 64/64 servers with at least 10 in queue, what are you smoking sir?
  6. how is he a constable
  7. nice to see the autistic tyler, leader of tax collectors and brass razoo garbologist, is back i thought he got either killed or thrown in jail because i hadn't seen him on asylum in so long kavala gonna be fun again
  8. Black Mirror Ascension Dark Matter The 100 Travelers Breaking Bad Any Star Trek MARVEL Shows
  10. try rendering using your gpu instead. if you have a pretty good video card you can use pci-express.
  11. our tax payer money at work in all seriousness that was pretty good
  12. hahaha that was gold
  13. it's every three hours, however depending on server load it can go down unexpectedly at times.