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  1. rip rp.
  2. posting here again because no matter what game i play i will always miss the glory days of arma 3. doing meth runs with bad blood was all i looked forward to.
  3. the first module is coming january 2017, not long now.
  4. A fair amount of ex-asylum players play Rust. You could try joining up with tiger and his group. I could try getting you in a decent group if you need one too. Just HMU. Rust is fun.
  6. i am not good at budgeting
  7. i will send my boys after ya
  8. regiment are doing meth runs and have blocked off the entrance to meth lab with a cargo container durga is coming with his ghost hawk
  9. can we get some more cops on server 3? bad blood keep doing the fed and prison over and over. also if anyone still has that script to spam into the servers, let me know, lirik keeps playing on asylum and i have to wait 30 minutes to get in.
  10. it's good ol' tomgod. I still miss you asylum, I wish I could go back to the days of bad blood and 100 feds a day, feelsbadman.
  11. Pardoning tickets in 2018. LUL.
  12. This is pretty much textbook “I know how to de sync kill cops chasing me” from back in the day.
  13. Literally some of my best Arma moments were on Tanoa, stealing cocaine trucks.