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  1. Blew through it all on cocaine, wrote the town square in a week, then told Motown to hop off. He is the greatest conman alive. Prove me wrong.
  2. Yikes.
  3. Honestly, i'm happy you finally got staff. It should've been sooner.

  4. Anyone in bad blood, because that gang was the most fun i've ever had in asylum. Ranga, diseased, jeremy, fred, pretty much everyone in bad blood was a legend.
  5. Sorry for the long delay, I had to swap computers but I have all the files still, so hopefully I can get this out sometime next week!
  6. hey is this topic bugged i didn't get any tags
  7. rip rp.
  8. posting here again because no matter what game i play i will always miss the glory days of arma 3. doing meth runs with bad blood was all i looked forward to.
  9. the first module is coming january 2017, not long now.
  10. A fair amount of ex-asylum players play Rust. You could try joining up with tiger and his group. I could try getting you in a decent group if you need one too. Just HMU. Rust is fun.
  12. i am not good at budgeting
  13. i will send my boys after ya