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  1. it's good ol' tomgod. I still miss you asylum, I wish I could go back to the days of bad blood and 100 feds a day, feelsbadman.
  2. Pardoning tickets in 2018. LUL.
  3. This is pretty much textbook “I know how to de sync kill cops chasing me” from back in the day.
  4. Literally some of my best Arma moments were on Tanoa, stealing cocaine trucks.
  5. Don’t worry though, Asylum has more unique player connections than ever! Kidding, just prank. I can’t remember if it was server 2 or 4 that was FSA home server, but I had some good fights on 2. Server 4 going next? S1 and 3 were always lit.
  6. dumbo negrotron

  7. Sells knock off DVDs down the market on Sundays.
  8. I’m not sure if the scotch cooking place rotates, but if it doesn’t, you can buy two ingredients from the store and buy barley off places. No gathering involved, simply cook and store. You’ll be making 800k a day. Meth was also okay for a change. Bounty hunter was always fantastic if you duo/trio it. Cop was okayish NA times. Fed is decent, with the added bonus of being fun.
  9. That combat logging update is genuinely making me want to come back and bounty hunt. If the bank and prison were restored to former glory, I’d be logging in with 20 others to fight all night.
  10. a step in the right direction towards making asylum a populated place again the glory days of full servers every night may be gone, pubg and gta took care of that, but I’d probably come play asylum again if at least s1 was 100/100 during eu afternoons.
  11. you'll have to be more specific, as i vdm'd a lot of constables.
  12. pretty good. i hope asylum gets better for you guys, but feel free to come join me in WoW/Rust if you want.
  13. how are things around asylum