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  1. I think you’re one of the most unfunny people I’ve ever met Ron.
  2. They're a good counter to vans, and vans are a good counter to deerstands. It works well.
  3. 6 episodes of 50 minutes each, RIP.
  4. Boris

    What is Asylum V2?

    That'd be a good problem to have tbh.
  5. Boris

    What is Asylum V2?

    I'm happy to hear it, but I hope you guys manage to finish it before Asylum fades out.
  6. Enabling mods gives advantage to those who use them. For those who were wondering about the sheds next to them: Don't bother trying to get them, you won't be able to, and no, I don't own them.
  7. hey you f-forgot me (mad props to my boy troublesome though, he's one of the most genuine people i've ever met)
  8. Support gets made into moderator at the end of their term, so he's pretty much just got to not fuck up and he'll get mod.
  9. Server doesn't pick up till like 8PM EU, not many EUs left...
  10. hehe i called william a shitter on ts and immediately disconnected heeheheehehuehgeheguhgeuehehe
  11. Need 1 or 2 more clips to finish off the song then it's done.
  12. Drug prices don’t need raising. The servers are already flooded in money. You can pick up a mill for $15 from some people.
  13. I understand why this has to happen but I’m not a fan. ASCII characters were a unique thing I liked.
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