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  1. Boris

    grrr me angry

    v2 is fun it's just not populated enough for me to enjoy. i think that's a driving force for a lot of people not playing right now tbh.
  2. Was thinking about getting on Asylum right now and... And now i'm going to go play another game.
  3. I'm surprised you found someone running coke.
  4. If those populations were merged i'd absolutely be hopping on the server right now, and it's almost 5am for me.
  5. I'm voting remove and I have like 2 honor trees maxed out.
  6. Actually i've changed my mind. Tear the whole bounty hunting thing out. We need some actual BOUNTIES on the server man.
  7. Both posts above mine are very yikes please do not read.
  8. BH should be minimum 25k bounty. Pistols only in major cities. MX available at skiptracer with master BH talent.
  9. i've been using ESP to run scotch and make bank for years.
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