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  1. say bro im running Aristois
  2. then then fix the lag
  3. Hand Suppa. I like to exploit while downed when they rdm me and start driving away with their own car.
  4. Straight up the nose.
  5. You seem to meet all requirements to join FarmersVille. Accepted. TS info will be sent.
  6. whats going on with the VON, everyone cuts out in-game. on s1 atleast.
  7. @Scott
  8. I'd rather see Sharing as Community manager or whatever the fuck they call it now a days.
  9. second
  10. You can send out server wide messages which is my personal favorite.
  11. Just threaten 20% taxes, boom ur good.
  12. So how about Strife?
  13. Farmersville 2.0, we love our exploits.
  14. You can sell it at the jewelry store for a decent bit of money.
  15. broke my speakers