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  1. Great houses, but on s4 :/
  2. As a lot of you already heard, I recently got blacklisted from the APD due to being underage. Because of this, i'm going to take a long break from asylum. Although I may not sound like it, but i'm only 13. Originally I was 12 when I joined asylum.I just wanted to thank a lot of you people for giving me the best experiences I've ever had. Thank you @Andrew Baldwin for always being there to talk to and play every single day no matter what time and for accepting me into Disciples. Thank you @shattman for also always being there and making me laugh all the time. Thank you @Sr_Sinful for always playing on asylum during my rat days, even though you left Arma. Thank you @Barkin for buying the game for me and for helping me during my rat days. Thank you @Deacon Lamorie for always just being down to play anything and talking with me in ts. Thank you @Bannab1 for playing in the morning with me Thank you @BongoTheGreat for being a chill guy and helping me out with money. Thank you @Tapatio for staying up all night and crashing cars. Thank you @aaron_br32 for always vouching for me and running coke with me at 4 am. Thank you @Justlucky for being a chill guy and always lethaling me Thank you @Chilly for saving me by pistol banging bounty hunters. Thank you @Dwayne Hicks for always helping me gather materials for meth and coke, and just being a chill guy. Thank you @Church[HT] for being a cuck. Thank you @alex lao for being a chill cop and a cunt at the same time. Thank you @revise for fighting at turfs with me. Thank you @DonDurka for bounty hunting with me. Thank you @Gen. Henry Arnold for HVT'ing the shit out me. Thank you @Googleâ„¢ for playing strife and shooting rockets out of a tank. thank you @J. Urbanowski for being chill when processing me. Thank you @Patato for lethaling me at prison break that one time when i had a 690k bounty. Thank you @Grounder for helping me with making scotch. Thank you @Tyler2Kfor saving me a couple of times. Thank you @Ramon Flores for being chill and playing cqc with me. Thank you @Walter White for being a scum and always hopping in ts and chilling. Thank you @Buck for inspiring me to join the APD. Thank you @Kevingreen23 for being a rat and helping me pass my ride along. Thank you @UNDERC0VER for teaching me how to shoot straight. Thank you @Alshiq Fatarra for being a chill guy and someone to play with on cop. Thank you @Austin Rogers for chasing warrants with me at 6 am. Thank you @-CK- for bullying me <3. Thank you @Mr. Fenwick for the war rating kills. Thank you @Lightningxo for seizing my bounty hunter licenses. Thank you @Clint Beastwood @Cukofuko @Gnashes @Jbdragon @Mitch (IFRIT) @Eli @Subaru @Olio for helping me with player reports. Thank you @Jonesy for playing cop with me and accepting me into the APD. Thank you @Nate!!! for playing cop with me. Thank you @Sandwich for doing my police interview and being a chill guy. Thank you @Spuddywuddy for being an autist. I remember coming back from school, first thing I wanted to do was get on my computer and only play asylum. It was the only thing I could think about, in my opinion there is no other stronger community then there is on asylum. I'm sorry if I missed some of you, which I probably did. But ily. Thank you all for making this past year one of the best years of my life. Take care everyone. If you don't remember me, I went by Leonid Brezhnev, eRr0r : n0 UnIT, and STRIFE. Peace out.
  3. Wipe all servers, get one good server that can hold 250 people or some This way kavala will be LIT
  4. This kinda made me Moist
  5. s1 and s2 are the only servers that are fr, s3 and s4 are jokes
  6. How to make a server not dead
  7. Congrats on Apex Predator, you selling lethal mags?
  8. Jacking off to roblox porn
  9. LOL i couldn't even see you, your bullets registered as a car, breaking my legs and making my health go up and down.
  10. I want an industrial shed next to lakka checkpoint so I can pick berries next to og coke field.
  11. I would legit pay 750k for this shit (and 750k in debt)
  12. +1
  14. Add the type 115 while you're at it
  15. lol idk i found it somehow