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  1. You're talking to a bunch of irresponsible adolescent teens xd
  2. I see where you're coming from, but as a former police officer (2 months before I got blacklisted for underage) it can be really annoying being captured every-time and people expecting to drop all your gear. It makes sense for every cop to be able to OPTIONALLY drop their gear. Cops shouldn't have to drop their gear in the first place, just like civilians. Just as if you're trying to make a civilian drop his gear, you have to roleplay them to shit or give them another option. You can't just simply say,"I'm stripping your gear off of you" Instead just make a good story for them and they'll most likely be entertained, people play games to be entertained so entertain them and they'll most likely give you some gear. @Twinem Works just fine for me!
  3. I was going to talk shit because this is ASSylum, but you seem honorable ;).
  4. @-CK- @TURKlN @Tyler_2k @Tapatio
  5. 800 for arma/everything else, 300 for csgo, 800 for r6s (11 sensitivity in game)
  6. Its sad to sell all my houses keep s2 please @Gnashes @Paratus @bamf
  7. I Like the idea, but servers cant even handle a regular server with <60
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