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  1. I was going to talk shit because this is ASSylum, but you seem honorable ;).
  2. +1
  3. @-CK- @TURKlN @Tyler_2k @Tapatio
  4. waste of money ya dick
  5. Ya dip shit, its for houses
  6. Gotta love arma cars!
  7. How long did it take to make? God damn
  8. 800 for arma/everything else, 300 for csgo, 800 for r6s (11 sensitivity in game)
  9. Its sad to sell all my houses keep s2 please @Gnashes @Paratus @bamf
  10. I Like the idea, but servers cant even handle a regular server with <60
  11. GoTtA gEt ThEM FoRUm LiKeS!
  12. This is will make getting Apex Predator ez pz and getting watch dog. Thank you so much for adding this, even though i don't play anymore, I've been waiting for this forever.
  13. "There's a spike strip in the middle of the road hes going to run into it, and he did... not"
  14. Honestly, don't rush it. Wait till the system doesn't have any bugs please <3 Thank you for implementing this into asylum, this is one of this big things that will bring back asylum. Also, since you redid the wanted system, is there a possibility to be able to add new things to the system? (rebel talent tree) Just a thought
  15. +1 I like the interior of the the rig, but doesn't fit in asylum. It looks like a cqc deathmatch map.