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  1. Jacking off to roblox porn
  2. LOL i couldn't even see you, your bullets registered as a car, breaking my legs and making my health go up and down.
  3. I want an industrial shed next to lakka checkpoint so I can pick berries next to og coke field.
  4. I would legit pay 750k for this shit (and 750k in debt)
  5. +1
  7. Add the type 115 while you're at it
  8. lol idk i found it somehow
  9. Pull out a mk200 and fuck up some freshies
  10. 1. Get out of Kavala. 2. The person who runs around with the spike strips would get a ban.
  11. - Yet like i said, you can get charged and sent to jail for getting your bounty out of a car.
  12. You can. There is no talent that allows you to drop bounties faster
  13. <3 makes sense
  14. Takes around 4 shots to down a person with a carrier lite