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  1. Unban this fine piece of ass


  3. hacks
  4. Would be great if they bought it and unbanned everyone. The player base would quickly flourish.
  5. Need unban
  6. holy fuck grizz is annoying. I can hear him from here.
  7. bye, @IAmLegion had fun playing with you when I wasn't banned
  8. Conor McGregor fan
  9. My name is Bag Of Funyuns
  10. i win
  11. It's all fake bullshit. It was all set up. edit: modqued, but I agree with you Bada, I'm totally kidding
  12. @Mitch (IFRIT) you should block it off.
  13. The hackers are here because of the sale, as for the server performance, it's been happening for a while.
  14. Nice to meet you.