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  1. @TheCrestedPenguin your time to shine!
  2. Accepted for trail, discord send by DM
  3. See ya man was fun playing with you
  4. In-game name - Plete883 Age - 17 Bank - 150k atm (i can get more really fast...i just paying someone off atm) Arma 3 Hours (Include screenshot) - https://gyazo.com/c50aa4e668de541c100d3357723da41e Estimate of hours spent on Asylum - more then 1000 hours What can you bring to the gang - a good shot tac comms and a good time. Ifrits / Orcas in garage - one ifrit(can make those if needed) Previous gangs - WeDontTalkAnymore and genesys Any vouches within the gang? If so, please list them -nate ishigh p.s i cant come online today anymoreXd
  5. and now i see why i got downed so quicly i was fucking nakedXd
  6. shit i forgot to mute myself oh well atleast people can laughxd and i can laugh about it my self
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