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  1. plete883

    Community Video Contest [Closed]

    @TheCrestedPenguin your time to shine!
  2. plete883

    Congratulations New APD Captain

    congrats @Clockwerk!
  3. plete883

    Community manager announcement

    congrats @Mitch (IFRIT)!!
  4. plete883

    See you in Identity...

    See ya man was fun playing with you
  5. plete883

    ReVeNaNt iS KiDnApPiNg mE

    and now i see why i got downed so quicly i was fucking nakedXd
  6. plete883

    ReVeNaNt iS KiDnApPiNg mE

    shit i forgot to mute myself oh well atleast people can laughxd and i can laugh about it my self
  7. plete883

    WTS S1 Kavala Square House