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  1. I can take it from you if you let me join the FSA
  2. Arma physics worse than that
  3. trash
  4. Bye

    welcome back to Asylum !
  5. Taylor Goldberg was a real legend
  6. @Alec-I @Bilal Battu Are you gonna wipe our accounts?
  7. hello hello look at this! L E G E N D
  8. I just wanna see @Paratus joins the forums, sees all the shit people say on him and then ban everyone. [would be fun ]
  9. nothing. i decided to leave because this
  10. I got banned because you
  11. @WolfLeader
  12. After 3 years of fun, I've met many people that I can't even imagine to myself. on the pictures I put some names of people that I remember in my memory, while Asylum was with real legends. I know some of you won't remember me, but I remember you and you have been a big part for me on Asylum. + I know I forgot some people and I'm sorry if I forgot you. names: @HomeUser @Nate!!! @Bazzajack @Roice @Gen. Henry Arnold @cHIP ōTLE @Maric @killer11 @Cukofuko @Mitch (IFRIT) @Innate @Smurfy @antho @Farmer Steve @Bag Of Funyuns @Sean That Irish Guy @Gaskal @Gregg @Miller93 @Thomas @Kille @Calle. @DS_Billy @Penguin_ @MagicSpoon @BaDaBiNg_10-8 @Envy @Samperino @WolfLeader @DeepHouse @Big Fred @massi @Zoex @plete883 @[email protected] @Rodrigo @Drovalin @Tony. @Silver-Spy @casper @Norwegianviking @Leroy Fish @Cassandra @MoralityVII @leonides @Raza @KrazyKnight @DarkKnight @painkiller @BushWookie @[email protected] Mein @Ken. @Dick Romney …………………………………….