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  1. The 6.5 is scripted by the devs. If they want to they can make it more powerful than a shotgun bullet ( downing rounds are scripted) and for years i could down a geard rebel with 2 shots in the leg by a 9mm of a po7
  2. they should not remove downing guns from server. how do you want to kidnap cops then?
  3. finally, I could go around in kavala and shoot anyone I want to without having the risk of being bounty hunted by someone. in my opinion it is the best thing that you have ever done in the game. I hate fighting people over and over, killing them and then being bounty hunted by them. only cops should have the power to send you to jail and believe me that people have more fun right now than before.
  4. In the last few months Asylum staff have removed\ locked over and over my posts and many other posts of the community players. those posts were about opinions, game bugs and reviews, but somehow, Asylum staff don't really want you! to see those posts without giving us any reasons + [ they bully us ] . I decided to stop this regime and make a revolution! today, asylum staff will no more removing\ locking our posts without giving us any reasons. I won't sit while they bullying and banning us just because we don't think like them. Asylum has changed a lot and I feel this regime is very close to the north Korean regime. I won't be surprised if today I'll be removed from the forums forever by those dictators just because of this opinion post. but sometimes someone needs to wake up and start the revolution [ and maybe pay for that ]. pls do not remove or lock the post, if you do, pls give a reason.
  5. ron the player

    V2 feedback

    need to be checked: 1. infamy talents. 2. bounty hunting. 3. honor .
  6. how do you expect me to keep the rules when anyone can be an LT? [ most of them don't even know the general rules] they are just RDMING and giving me 50 mill$ ticket over and over. in my opinion only higher ups should be whitelisted [ sergeant+ ] because no one is going to keep the rules on the server while some retards are just RDMING and giving tickets over and over. for real. who had the idea to whitelist anyone? that's the worst idea I've ever seen. If i could I would post a video of me kidnaping an LT [ it was a 13 years old kid ] who was just crying [ he rly cried] and telling me over and over to unrestrain him after he gave me a 2mill ticket. he rly cried but I don't want to bully that guy so I cant post it. [ @Mitch (IFRIT) i'm reformed mothafuka ]
  7. Forgot that i have another account LT ron is on the way
  8. imagine being the only blacklisted guy on the V2 server. yikes.
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