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  1. Vote me for gov and you will get it!!! #ron4gov! [s1]
  2. After many years on this server, I think I'm good enough to be a staff member and help all of you. 1. I'm online most of the time and have seen too many people breaking the rules. [ would like to give them a warning and talk with them] 2. my brain is young with many fresh ideas of events and fun. 3. have never given up and moved to other communities. [ even when Asylum was dead] 4. I'm keeping the rules most as I can. 5. I'm not toxic, just joking with people [ discord ] 6. zoex needs a new friend to speak with him . gimme the chance of being a staff member, you'll be proud of me . [ can not be worse than Reapered ] @BaDaBiNg_10-8 you know me body gimme the chance #ron4admin
  3. When you know that clint is smiling
  4. Any chance to get those airdrops in kavala?
  5. 1:42 what the fuck was that? did he stick something into his ass?
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