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  1. if they are, I would make a big comp request [ 1mill+]
  2. LOL. Farmersville in kavala with shotguns
  3. RPK-12 - OP -1 Kozlice 12G - OP -1 AKU12- good +1 Promet- good +1
  4. 3 weeks!!!! Thx <3
  5. @Innate you cant scare mitch like that, the old man would get heart attack.
  6. Let's see your Asylum record guys!!!! [ if you have one] my record: no one can beat me
  7. who's crying?lol. im trolling not crying
  8. you tried to help some hobo when he asked " how do I buy an auto weapon" you liar!!!!!!!
  9. I was pushing drug cartel with a fucking jet, and you blew it up after I was killed by zaka. [ I could VDM the tower lol]
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