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  1. I cant wait to head to Korea this summer and use the internet I hear so much about.
  2. Question about initiation, just wanted to ask since it hasn't happened to me before and no one can really give me a definite answer. Gang member one puts his hands up and says he wants to turn himself into my custody, I tell him I am accepting him turning himself in and I will be handcuffing him and putting him in my car for further processing. He agrees and I do so. As soon as I put Gang member one in the car, Gang member two downs me and kidnaps me. Is this legit initiation? I have been told yes and no. Thanks
  3. I can already smell the increase in Kavala vdms.
  4. +1
  5. Real art.
  6. Life is all about the hats.
  7. Struggle is real.
  8. The struggle