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  1. Needs more pictures. I like pictures when I read.....
  2. Well earned
  3. Is swat ever coming back?
  4. 830k
  5. 780k
  6. 720k
  7. Look for the rat running for his life, after he figured out what was about to happen
  9. Sad to see you go but I understand. Dont worry, we will still play a bunch of games. You have my information.
  10. I cant wait to head to Korea this summer and use the internet I hear so much about.
  11. Question about initiation, just wanted to ask since it hasn't happened to me before and no one can really give me a definite answer. Gang member one puts his hands up and says he wants to turn himself into my custody, I tell him I am accepting him turning himself in and I will be handcuffing him and putting him in my car for further processing. He agrees and I do so. As soon as I put Gang member one in the car, Gang member two downs me and kidnaps me. Is this legit initiation? I have been told yes and no. Thanks
  12. I can already smell the increase in Kavala vdms.