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  1. last time I checked you have no authority over changes like this lmao. +1
  2. Server: 3 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: House House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 40k Location (Town/DP#): Donor Rebel Asking Price: Listed for 500k. Might take counter offers Pictures/Video Walk-through :https://gyazo.com/e02b69bc7a3e47f619c9d14d28d3ae0e
  3. 11/10. might let you make some more meme tags
  4. Okay kiddie listen here. I broke no rules. No rules are going to be fixed, because nothing is broken. Whether I was on the road or used nitrous to snipe them with the strider from 1km it doesnt matter. Armor vs Armor is allowed. They were ragdolled as a result of trying to continue to shoot at the HEMMT while standing in the middle of the road and made no attempt to move from my target, which was obviously the Hunter. You can say whatever you want about how its "my fault", but seeing how I did nothing wrong, their really is no fault. Play on the server for a little longer before coming in here and acting like your an admin and know absolutely everything.
  5. That rule is for general vehicles. Not armored vehicles.
  6. It does not matter. Its not like i hit a hatchback sport. If you hit an armored vehicle with another armored vehicle, you are not VDMing. Period. Welcome to Asylum.
  7. lol how long have you been on this server? that is completely false You can hit an armored vehicle with another armored vehicle at any time. And I did not run over the people, their hunter technically ran them over. But either way it doesn't matter.
  8. You can ram armor into armor anywhere at anytime. They saw me coming for them and its their fault they didn't move out of the way. If I had just run them over and they hadn't got smashed by their own Hunter then I wouldn't of tried to kill them.
  9. @Aaron2431 Congrats! A new bug fix because of you!
  10. ' xdddd
  11. I like Strife. But I hate tanoa. The terrain is terrible for combat and I have a pretty decent PC and can hardly get 40 - 45 fps. In my opinion I think Strife should run on a Stratis / Malden rotation. Don't get me wrong, Tanoa looks cool as hell. But the FPS on that map and the stupid jungle make it consistently frustrating. I think strife will be a hit, but you will appeal to more new players if you use the non-dlc maps. thats just my 2 cents
  12. doesnt matter if they dont finish the game lmao
  13. and remove group cap. watch the servers flood with gang life