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  1. Quenton

    V2 IS LIVE

    Working as intended.
  2. Guess I'll just re-post this from 2 years ago lel Is anyone actually surprised?
  3. Seeing how our previous owners ran in hid in times of distress, I appreciate the good memes. Keep up the good work guys +1
  4. Relax guys. More important matters to attend to. Can't have cops on our APD force that don't roleplay!
  5. Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is to not have coms flooded with "Is server going down?" "Yeah fuck the servers going down?"
  6. Yep I remember that shit. Kid had major autism
  7. I'm more interested in seeing Olympus's ban list lol
  8. why not just buy it?
  9. how the fuck did the unsullied know it was Jon who killed her when the fucking dragon flew off with her body
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