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  1. get it replaced or get on the laptop, we have meth to be running
  2. looking for active meth runners! your schedule must be able to fit atleast 5 hours of meth running every morning (bst/gmt anywhere from 4am to 3pm)
  3. dont blame him tbh arma is boring recruiting for minecraft factions pm apps
  4. Jimbo

    Siege minitage

    should've made a terrorist hunt montage, players would of been better
  5. BUMP! Looking for active players to join the forces, new players welcomed!!
  6. you americans love ugly shoes
  7. Don’t get shot du svensk hora
  8. Just remove the dynamic prices and make ifrits 70k and orcas 75k or some shit
  9. followed the guide and now im white?? wtf
  10. heard you've been snorting the gear big oll13!!!!
  11. It's honestly embarrassing that all these kids who got banned were still so shit with cheats
  12. tax system outside of cartels Guns and vehicle prices relying on how many have been crafted Needing a gang house to start a gang
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