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  1. It's dead because nobody is being paid and there is no automatic team balance (Paratus says there is so I guess it's broken), Malden only made it better imo, it has a lot of good caps and is generally good for fighting, it has much better FPS than tanoa, no jets, no shitty jungle warfare OPFOR rifleman needs a loadout change though, no crosshair and an AKM that you can't attach a scope to is the reason many of us only play blufor @Sean That Irish Guy posted a good list of bugs somewhere
  2. inspirational
  3. I die too often to team mates mines, they definitely deal damage x{
  4. Can you do something about mines? Keep dying to my own team mates mines around the laptop to pull out vehicles
  5. When will the full version get released?
  6. beat him in a dogfight
  7. Seems to work for jets but not tanks, atleast in my experience
  8. people usually rob each other when selling/giving money, to show off and to have it logged incase that money doesn't sync, doesn't mean people are duping, why would they broadcast it to the entire server?
  9. Can we remove the fuel syncing for ground vehicles, or fuel every vehicle fully at the start of a new war?
  10. really needs to be hotfixed, people can buy tanks and soft log to get their money back, no one is making or losing money
  11. Solid 70 for me and haven't heard anyone complaining about fps yet, map is great, it's like a mix between stratis and altis, mostly open fields and small hills, so far so good
  12. Malden strife is actually a lot of fun, tanoa was aids
  13. @Wang Liqin is willing to dogfight 1v1 anyone on strife, best jet pilot to ever step foot onto asylum
  14. We've tried all sorts to break them recently, suicide vests, ramming w/ all kinds of vehicles, suitcases, unflipping, they used to drop from a hatchback hitting them at 20km/h and now they just won't budge
  15. Ka

    just sijanec in his natural habitat