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  1. looks like he'd fit right in with you lot on cs
  2. can you ppl please stop with these awful pubg montages
  3. wouldn't be asylum without the toxicity
  4. please don't @ me in a thread like this again my eyes are burning
  5. yeah no more of that now that rod doesn't have debug retard
  6. issue still stands, tried rendering in all sorts of resolutions and nothing seems to be fixing it
  7. It cuts the right side of my video off, happens after render too so not just a preview issue, tried a lot of things to fix it but nothing has worked so far Outside of vegas the video is completely fine, full video no cropping Resolution of the video is 1680x1050, my guess is the project settings but I can't seem to fix it 100k to whoever finds me a fix only post I could find that was similar, I've tried changing all my project settings etc but nothing seems to work, all of my older clips do this as well, which previously were completely fine https://www.vegascreativesoftware.info/us/forum/vegas-14-why-is-my-video-cropped--110201/
  8. gave them a stolen 50 cal once near kavala chop, seen a plays tv video on the forums a few hours later of them driving through athira lighting everyone up
  9. forget to make a new forum account this time?
  10. sons of anarchy, manhunt: unabomber
  11. Your content will need to be approved by a moderator
  12. Athira 3 craters Donor shed DP15 3 crater msg me for prices
  13. come on pal @Gaskal isn't that bad
  14. You're missing @Azeh
  15. Previous Gangs Primitive | Bratva | Void | Stellar your previous gangs are nothing compared to his you career cop scum stfu he seems to be missing a few along the likes of twelve mongs though