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  1. @Tom used to be a professional drone pilot
  2. I'd tell you to do the same thing, first shot hit him in the shoulder and second shot hit him in the neck.
  3. DJ Khaled once told me and @Eli that lethals are a major key, since then I have only carried lethal ammunition off topic but sort of relevant: Imagine attacking the bank/fed with the average day cops (usually not the best of players, most of them don't play for the big fights), even if you do manage to win all you're going to hear is constant whining, lethal the rebels doing it? Complain, down all the guys doing it? Complain Cop used to be so much fun, but the cop vs rebel activities get repetitive and when the prison doesn't even work, that leaves only the bank and the fed for rebels. The bank is stupidly boring, the update only added more cover for rebels, you can't add big buildings like the construction and expect rebels not to utilitze it.. The fed is fun but the cops do not stand a chance at winning unless there is a lot of higher ups online. I prefer to get lethaled, either way if cops lethal/down the receiving end will complain and cry.. Go back 3 months and you'd see so many rebels sitting in the asylum ts waiting to see cops move to the bank/fed/pb channels, I jumped at the chance to go fight on cop, shit was so fun, do you see anyone doing this now? Do you see anyone fighting cops that much anymore?
  4. Had this problem for the longest time, fixed it by putting my malloc to system and deleted all my launch options/paramaters
  5. MY BOYS
  6. Alot of people see performance improvements/less memory leaks if they have no launch parameters, it helped alot with my memory leaks, used to get one after 30mins of playing..
  7. It is already fixed, hot fix should be out today.
  8. Depends on ban history, if they clearly aren't learning from their mistakes then the next ban will be longer, or atleast it should.
  9. first time fighting cops?
  10. assert trying to play hanzo
  11. Will there be mass kicks on identity?
  12. When blindfolded you lose your scrollwheel options, could this be added to restrained people too, to stop them from jumping out of vehicles?
  13. youtube 101 put bullshit tags that have nothing to do with your content for views profit
  14. War rating was unintentionally syncing with cop arrests for a while