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  1. and 5 shots from a pistol that costs £1.8k can destroy this
  2. nah, the money adds incentive, people fight for whats in there
  3. aren't they adding epi pens to rebel soon
  4. rotor script removed/nerfed move the prison remove damage/fuel syncing through pullouts maybe add some new caps to spice shit up or remove coke castle and replace with meth house remove the spike strip shit from the fed buff cop lethal payouts make cop orcas cheaper revert the chop shopping change so the chop prices are solid olympus is constantly adding shit and hosting shit that players actually want, asylum on the other hand..
  5. just don't make the medics an untouchable faction like olympus has
  6. can we just go back to the shitty lakka prison, anything but this sofia prison, it is fucking dogshit
  7. My houses aren't getting listed on the market whenever I put them up for sale @Gnashes
  8. hey animefan_x38 how ya doin

    1. pete
    2. Jimbo


      whats up hackerman pe7e killing unarmed civs in kavala from the bank

    3. pete
  9. wag1 badman whats ur stats
  10. nice pull down script at 1:05 pal
  11. if someone already bidded 550, why would i take 250?
  12. looking for offers, will need to sell/use the items inside of it before i get rid tho