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  1. its not like people are gonna start fighting again when this shit is fixed servers are still awful and kicking every 30mins
  2. It is/was a bug, if someone is downed and you spam the restrain hotkey, lets say 3x, you will have to lockpick them out of handcuffs 3x, atleast it was like that when I last played Ever had the message that you lockpicked your friend out but he was still in restraints? this was why edit: this is what I'm on about
  3. I am not in a fucking wheel chair you cunts
  4. pretty shit tbh jordyuk
  5. Nope, his name will still be red when he respawns due to the way the aggression system works.
  6. Someone posted about it on the changelog a while back, pretty sure you were the one that said it wasn't exploiting, when you were an admin, that is. edit:
  7. @Boris @Eli @Haych Which one of you have the sdar screenshots?
  8. Subscriber count isn't displayed in real time, it's delayed, use one of these sites. https://subscribercounter.com/#!/UCWsqevGloqIq5YO5MMBWogA https://socialblade.com/youtube/realtime https://livecounts.net/
  9. It is disabled, you cannot do prison breaks on server 5, I believe this was put into place when little to no cops played there
  10. Probably pulled an OLL13 and bipodded into the debris
  11. they still didn't fix the apb bonus?