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  1. what in the fuck are you on about you mongol
  2. Add a map vote or smth so people can vote between tanoa/malden at the end of a war
  3. shame to see you go champ, ignore the haters
  4. Editing your money values etc, similar to what people do with cheatengine in shitty games
  5. ran out of gangs to join? cya later big guy was fun playing with ye
  6. was my brother that ban evaded and got globaled btw can I get unbanned
  7. He was impatient, admins were given keys upon request and bada just chose not to wait
  8. Malden got a lot more players than Tanoa did for strife, everyone enjoyed it more if I remember correctly..
  9. Is strife going to rotate maps properly now?
  10. his fingers are bigger than his dick
  11. they have; guns; cyber security; hacktivist btw
  12. I am; a sub contractor; for battleye
  13. Can you make rangefinders do the same as binocs regarding tildes and masked players, swat cannot get names on helicopters etc
  14. hi lad

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      we should make a gang with @Bikstok rule the servers once again

    4. Jimbo