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  1. what the hell is that garbage not even in html fuck off script kiddie
  2. ill stop by your "office" and pop a cap in ur ass welcome to asylum buddy
  3. doesnt surprise me tbh apd has no chill when it comes to policy they deny leave of absence requests for legitimate RL reasons "no u most certainly cannot take one month off to provide for ur family because ur a sgt on precinct 1!"
  4. barkin's memes are below average and he just flat out tries way too hard especially when he title's himself "asylum criticizer" big ole goofball that guy
  5. what do you think i mean i will reveal said location for a price, of course
  6. i sure hope so trashing the same people over and over again gets boring.
  7. yikes
  8. @Gen. Henry Arnold i have the location of those spawned in weapons
  9. fixed that for you
  10. the irony is all too real
  11. like getting rep on a dying gaming community forum is something to flaunt goober
  12. i just want to let you know that you suck
  13. the more asylums name gets out, the more players we will receive ( marketing 101 for you slack jaws )
  14. fixed
  15. identity is a better game