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  1. We're doing it as a meme but marching bands actually posted it like that, please remove him from your quote or i'll have to report your post for derailing the thread.
  2. Greetings, Do you know how recent, or what version of a Thunderbolt 3 port you have? If it is an older version (if you even have one), the data transfer rate of the eGPU may make it worse than whatever GPU you currently have. Sincerely, Weeaboo Jones
  3. only does forum stuff btw
  4. @Scotch Man Are you sure you aren't confusing high school and college or are you going to a redneck community college in a trailer park?
  5. 4.0 gpa btw first week of school no assignments yet btw
  6. Hello so I got banned for the dumbest reason so I post a ban appeal like everyone should and I post my video response that shows proof that I did not do what I was banned for and it has been 2 days and @Clint Beastwood has not replied to my video I dont know if she does not see it which is not possible because I messaged many people and they told me that @ her in my appeal to let her know. So at this point I think she is just ignoring it which I feel like is not fair at all I have stayed up almost 2 whole days waiting for a reply so I can play again but what do you know no reply. When I was staying up for this time I seen clint beastwood on 5 different times. This is just dumb at this point I dont get why other admins cant fix the problem for me @HapHazard please do something about this. This is their job am I wright or wrong the admins get on and I check on their profile to see what clint is doing seeing if she would go to appeals to reply but nooo she goes and a topic about how turfs need to be moved like ???? you might as well be community member. @Weeaboo Jones you are so childish actually dont know how you have 252 rep making fun a situation that is serious(APD office) .... @Patrick Swayze2.0 must not be a lil boy with a college gpa of 4.0,can you please tell me yours @Methlab707 btw Like this Like this Like this
  7. I didn't lagswitch either it was my verizon that went out btw 2 years btw @Patrick Swayze2.0 didnt do anything either
  8. @Methlab707 I waited 2 years to get unbanned so you can just wait a little while bud.
  9. its not a girl if it has a feminine penis
  10. feelsbadman
  11. Get a duo main hand and you can boost yourself
  12. link your gear it took me 30 minutes to boost shepurd to 56