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  1. bye

    speak for yourself we will all miss addon cya in the grass addon
  2. bye

    @frantic https://imgur.com/a/HKhme
  3. biggest bot on asylum is a mod
  4. I think i passenger seated you in kavala your squeaky voice sounds familiar
  5. @Ronald
  6. If you think getting duo is bad try getting tri on boss gear. I failed tri 13 times
  7. games even more dead than asylum
  8. 128/400 people online btw
  9. We're doing it as a meme but marching bands actually posted it like that, please remove him from your quote or i'll have to report your post for derailing the thread.
  10. Greetings, Do you know how recent, or what version of a Thunderbolt 3 port you have? If it is an older version (if you even have one), the data transfer rate of the eGPU may make it worse than whatever GPU you currently have. Sincerely, Weeaboo Jones
  11. only does forum stuff btw