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  1. There is still no purchasable Hunter skin from the free skins achievement. Also, you cannot see what your bounty's charges when you press "1" when you have apex predator.
  2. In Game Name: Yojis Arma Hours: 3,600 hours https://gyazo.com/ec61d54547e460e78aa5c006c8d58451 Timezone: Eastern Standard Age: 19 How much money/vehicles do you have?: 3 million, 2 ifrits, 2 orcas, 1 hunter, 50 cal, jeep minigun, 10 hatchbacks Reason for wanting to join?: I would really enjoy fighting and actually playing the game and fighting with more than 1 other person. I enjoy playing with gangs, with you guys,. you would (im guessing) do a lot of cartels which I want to take part in. It would be enjoyable. Previous Gangs?: VietCong, many gangs from 3 years ago, Reliance, the rest were either irrelevant or easily forgetable Vouches?: No
  3. Can you use a period please?
  4. Jeff_


    The houses are only for sale the shed is already sold
  5. I’m tired of reporting bounties that combat log when I’m driving to skip tracer to master crusade them :/ waste of time
  6. Jeff_


    dp 11 https://gyazo.com/f7b1f896ec49b247c03432abfa97d076
  7. Server 2 The shed is great for getting out a vehicle and doing scotch with the two other houses Houses are great for doing scotch and relatively close to some cartels Types: Stone House (Grey) is a three crater Industrial Shed is a two crater with access to pull out any vehicle House (Small, Yellow) is a two crater Price: Possibly 300k+ (Comment Offers) https://gyazo.com/2bdb2a199167106deab282292a423e4b
  8. add dirty money back to cartels Thanks Admins and Staff for working hard to make this server fun
  9. Keep the current system, do not nerf! It is hard enough bounty hunting solo against rebels by roaching, take this for an example:
  10. They should wipe all servers except keep bounty hunter honor
  11. yes, it'll blind our bounties at night so they get epilepsy
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