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  1. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 un mod que me and give me a dam sorry point
  2. @Allstarplaya @Clockwerk @Term @KlausMikaelson @Skull and the rest
  3. showing rerun of cop on old asylum
  4. lmfao
  5. Yeah 2 bad you can't fly I ended up chopping 2 more heli's and Claiming an ifrit that night
  7. Song name?
  8. lol
  9. he is just better then you
  10. @Twinkie Thanks for making my time here a blast also such a good boy and great person to have around I never thought of you as a meatshield more then I thought of you as my even Twinkie hit me up if you want to play any other games my dood!!
  12. Turfs with mini capture points inside of it? whoever gets the most points or reaches the goal at the end wins and gets money or something and then like alot of bonus's for the rest of the restart instead of it being 15 minutes and done
  13. All I want for Christmas is Gang life active #ADDCONFLICTZONES you know Zones that pop up every server restart that benefits the gang that captures it or and add more Materials to farm or something OR A WIPE
  14. xD you talk to that nerd too!!!