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  1. I don't see why everyone is still on the forums right now server gonna die anyways.... just sayin
  2. Bada better give me my tanoa back even those i miss the old days on stratis with the boys
  3. Someone has to make this community toxic.
  4. @Ronald Raining FSA tards is what im more scared of lmfao https://gyazo.com/daf9b1f77ac557b5e48d08211eb2a9a6
  5. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 we gotta party some time my dude
  6. only ones I'm kinda scared of is Cougar and Sakha lmfao everyone can tell why wait I think my computer got stolen
  7. Imagine being this guy Irrelevant lmfao
  8. Ghostshot

    I'm Jaster

    na im not a rat on asylum
  9. Ghostshot

    I'm Jaster

    Jaster nice to see you came to the brighter side man enjoyed fights with you on olympus now time to enjoy better fights with you on here!
  10. Some good shit right there @Manolo
  11. The Idea's is what this server needs at the moment and the community is going to help put in their opinion I'm pretty sure. so I for one will be putting my shotgun away you mean he is old career cop hehe pretty sure it was well noted thank you pretty sure the no money cap was implemented for FSA lmfao
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